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HEARD: A Conference for Mothers and their Daughters

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The first conference of it’s kind to help mothers and daughters feel HEARD by each other and find beauty and happiness through the chaos.

It’s hard to connect with your daughter during puberty and it’s even harder for her to connect with you. You don’t know how to handle the changes she’s going through and she doesn’t know how to communicate them to you.

The Heard conference is the first of its kind that provides a safe space for mothers and daughters to openly communicate with each other. This 1-day event will allow you and your daughter to find happiness and beauty through the chaos, and come away feeling closer than ever.

Daughter changes are difficult enough, but when mothers and daughters can’t connect it makes things even harder. Come be HEARD at the Heard conference where we’ll provide tools, resources, and most importantly, a place for understanding.

*There will be an online option. Exact address and schedule to come*

– A groundbreaking conference that helps mothers and daughters connect in a new way

– Come feel HEARD for the first time in your life

– Shed light on the beauty of mother/daughter relationships

– The perfect opportunity to bond with your daughter and learn more about each other

– Conference attendees will leave feeling happier and more connected than ever before


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Apr 22 2023


9:00 am - 2:00 pm

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Torrance Marriott Redondo Beach
3635 Fashion Way, Torrance, CA, 90503, US

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