How to Win a Free Family Vacation from VRBO

How to Win a Free Family Vacation from Vrbo

February 13, 2022

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No matter who you rooted for to win the Super Bowl, the ads were fun for everyone. If you didn’t catch the pre-game show you might have missed Vrbo’s spot highlighting the joys of making memories together on a family vacation. Now you can make some special memories of your own thanks to Vrbo’s Tik Tok Challenge that will award three lucky winners a $5,000 family vacation.

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As Vrbo’s Super Bowl commercial, “A Place Together,” highlights, families of all kinds can enjoy the benefits of spending quality time together on vacation. If the voice singing in the background sounds familiar, that’s because it’s none other than the world’s most lovable frog, Kermit singing the Muppets hit, “Right Where I Belong.” Now Vrbo wants to give families the opportunity to enjoy their own family vacation together for free.

How to Win a Vrbo Family Vacation

To help more families experience the joy of being together, Vrbo is launching a Tik Tok challenge and giving away three $5,000 Vrbo vacations to winners. To enter the contest simply post a TikTok video of yourself surrounded by your family or your favorite people using the hashtag #AVrboforTogether. Post your video with the hashtag between February 12 and 19 for your chance to win.

Family vacations are as much about the time spent together as they are enjoying the destination. “When traveling with Vrbo, who you’re with matters just as much as where you go,” Hector Muelas, senior vice president of global creative for Expedia Group. explained in a press release. From strengthening your family bond to developing life skills, like communication and problem solving, there are so benefits of traveling for families, according to studies. And you certainly can’t argue with a free vacation! So what are you waiting for? Get started on that Tik Tok post.

Want some inspiration on where to go on your next family vacation? Check out our Local Anchor Travel Guides.

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