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Hey, small business owner:

Want my Super Simple Holiday Marketing Checklist so you can get new clients and customers the Super Simple way?

Click HERE to get the checklist!

Here’s what EVERYONE ELSE is doing (sound familiar?):

  • Coupons and special promos – which get lost in the bustle!
  • A bit of radio and TV ads – which gets costly!
  • Black Friday flash sales – which surprises no one!
  • Buying online advertising – which takes a lot of time and money to get right!


If you said YES, I’ve got a short and sweet checklist of THREE big holiday marketing opportunities just for you.

These holiday marketing opportunities are overlooked by most, which is surprising because they are:

  • Shockingly affordable – so you won’t go broke doing them!
  • Easy to implement – you can start right away, even in November!
  • Extremely effective – they work like crazy!

Best of all, you can actually track the results.

Listen – if you can’t track down how your marketing actually got you new clients or sales – you’re doing it all wrong.

Click here to get your Super Simple Holiday Marketing Checklist today!

ONE MORE THING: I’ll even throw in a free 15 minute strategy call for the first people who sign up!
(I usually charge $250 an hour – so get it while it lasts!)

This holiday season could be your best ever!

Click here, get your checklist, and happy holidays!

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