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Add your family friendly event or kid’s event to our calendar for FREE! Simply fill out the form below and add a photo or image to connect with parents and kids who’d love to come to your event! Submit yours today!

Event Criteria

At Local Anchor, we are here to help parents find fun things to do with the whole family. We offer both free and sponsored event listing services so you can promote your community event to other local families! All events must be parent or family-friendly and open to all families in the community.

Submission Guidelines

Before listing your kid’s or family event, please read through our guidelines to ensure that you have everything you need to get started. 

  • Please include the event name in the “Title” field
  • Be sure to add at least one or two sentences describing the event, including any kid’s activities, food, or other fun features!
  • Make sure to use inclusive, friendly, and easy-to-understand language, as we want all families to feel welcome at your event.

Please Note

  • Submitting your event does not guarantee we will be able to publish it if it doesn’t fall within our community standards. Feel free to reach out with any questions!
  • We only allow sales events, such as sales parties and photo sessions, to be listed as sponsored event packages. 
  • It may take up to three business days to review your submission and add it to our calendar, so be sure to post it as early as possible. 

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If you are hosting a “family event near me” and want to promote it on our site, we cannot wait to help! Please feel free to contact with any additional questions or for paid sponsorship. 

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