15 Of The Best Kids Learning Apps

Studies show that children spend about two hours on average on devices like smartphones and tablets each day. In the age of ever-growing technology use, keeping your kids from it might be tough.

Read on to discover 15 of the best kids learning apps that you can download now so that your kids are getting enrichment and learning in a fun way while using their screen time.

1. Speech Blubs

Was made with activities that are speech-pathologist approved. It helps kids, particularly those with articulation issues or special needs, feel more confident when speaking.

2. Kids Academy

Experts designed Kids Academy to be one of the best educational apps for pre-K to third grade. It’s simple to use and full of hand-picked activities for each age group.

3. ABCmouse.com

ABC Mouse is a popular pick for many, and it’s one of the best apps for learning out there. It uses storyline-based videos, activities, and quizzes to teach kids 2-8 years old.

The app features an interactive learning universe where kids can learn through participating in over 4,000 activities.

4. Adventure Academy