5 Cooking Tips to Get Kids Engaged in the Kitchen

Baking and cooking with kids is an excellent opportunity for quality family time that’s both fun and a wonderful learning experience.

Let kids explore their creativity in the kitchen.

 Let them pick one ingredient to add to a small portion of the dough and see what happens! 

Cooking Tips

Get your kids to help with the grocery shopping.

Ask them to pick out the one they think looks best at the store.

If your child can read, ask them to read the recipe.

Do your kids love quesadillas? Show your young chefs that you trust them by allowing them to read the instructions to you.

Make a family recipe together.

Invite family members over and make a family recipe. While cooking, explain where the recipe came from and why your family makes it. 

Have fun!

Being in the kitchen is all about having fun and spending quality time with your family.Does your family have a collective favorite color? Make a meal using only foods that are that color! 

No matter which cooking tips you try, it’s essential to keep in mind that the experience is less about the end result than the cooking process.