5 Fun Activities To Do While Kayaking or Canoeing 

Kayaking or canoeing is a friendly, relaxing venture that puts the mind at ease and the body in motion.

This game is an excellent idea for either watercraft, making it a quality choice amongst groups.

A Dozen Point

Ultimate Frisbee in Water

Tossing a frisbee around is an excellent game for those who want to engage in a leisurely activity. Like ultimate frisbee, you will have two teams.

I Spy

Taking in the scenery when you are moseying about in your watercraft can be breathtaking. But unless you’re out whale watching.

Balancing Act

This game requires each player to stand on the edge of their chosen watercraft, attempting to do anything to stay balanced and dump their competitor in the water.

Next time you hit the water, you’ll know some fun activities to do while kayaking or canoeing. It’s best to wait until you feel comfortable in each vessel.