5 Tips for Whale Watching in Southern California 

Whales are creatures of habits, and they follow fixed migration patterns, so keep in mind the season to get a glimpse of your preferred whale.

Choose the right season.

Dress for the occasion. 

Regardless of the season you choose to engage in your whale watching adventures, make sure your family dresses for the excursion.

Protect yourself from the sun.

Just like a sunny winter day at the beach calls for sunscreen, a whale watching tour out on the ocean requires the same amount of sun protection.

Bring entertainment for the kids.

Whale watching is an excellent way to make memories for you and your family. However, younger kids may not have the patience required to enjoy a day out in the sea.

Keep your expectations realistic. 

You did your research regarding the seasons and ideal locations and also prepared carefully for the occasion. 

While whale watching may be a staple activity in Southern California, it is essential to know the basics before embarking on this sea journey.