8 Must Have Items For Flying With Babies And Young Kids

Flying with babies and young kids can be a daunting task. But if you’re prepared with the right items, it can be a lot easier.

Here are 8 must-have items for flying with babies and young kids.

A Light Weight Stroller

My number one travel must haves is an easy to use, light weight stroller. Thankfully there are a few good ones that have hit the market in the last few years.

This is a tough one, I won’t sugarcoat this. Car seats are heavy, bulky, and hard to lug around, but I highly encourage you to bring your own!

Car Seats

I was able to put everything that I needed for myself and the kids in both of these bags to make traveling easier.

Diaper Bags 

Baby Carrier

 I actually carried my baby in my carrier and had my toddler in the stroller. It makes things a lot easier to have your hands freed up, especially when going through security.

Save some money on buying expensive water at the airport, just bring a water bottle and fill it up after you go through security.

Empty Water Bottles