Best Pizza in Los Angeles for Families

Pizza is the perfect family food. Kids love it. Grown-ups love it. It’s a win-win all around when you need an easy family dinner.

Best Pizza in Los Angeles

Pitfire has something fun for everyone. And we can’t forget their classic but delicious organic soft-serve.

Pitfire Pizza


Pizzana is one of the top 101 restaurants in L.A. In fact, the Los Angeles Times called it the best place to experience the new pizza revolution.

Quarter Sheets

This pop-up Detroit Style pizza joint offers pillowy squares of pizza that melt in your mouth with every bite. You can get all the classics like pepperoni and cheese.

Little Coyote

If you’re looking for a New York-style pizza, Little Coyote is the place to go! The crust is perfectly foldable and always brimming with creativity.

Whether you’re craving an artisanal pie with unique toppings or just want the best plain cheese pizza on the planet, you’ll find no shortage of delicious pies in L.A.