Honeybees Lesson Plan

Today’s lesson is about honeybees! Every honeybee has a job. Worker bees can be janitors who’s job is to clean the hive; others are nurses who take care of the brood.

And some are foragers and are responsible for gathering pollen to make the honey. Working together honeybees are highly organized, yet their brains are about the size of a sesame seed.

Honeybee Homeschool Online Lesson Includes:

How Hives Are Organized How Humans Take Honey from a Hive Honeybee Word Search Honeybee Vocabulary Honey Tasting suggested hands on activity!

Honeybee Vocabulary

Abdomen – rear section of bee that contains the stinger and other organs.

Antennae – sensors on the bees head that are used to smell with.

Barb – pointy thorns that stick out of the stinger making it hard to remove.

Honey Tasting!

Nectar is collected from many different flowers and native plants, which can differ greatly based on location- it’s no wonder that honey tastes so different and the color varies.