LEGO Replay: How Do You Dispose of Unwanted LEGOs?

Did you know that LEGO actually has a recycling program, called LEGO Replay,  for you to dispose of unwanted LEGOs?

Let’s face it; kids grow out of their toys eventually and what better way to get rid of them than to pass them forward and share them with kids in need?

What is LEGO Replay? 

LEGO replay is a program that allows you to donate your child’s old LEGO bricks to other kids in need.

How Do You Dispose of Unwanted LEGOs?

1. Pack all your unwanted LEGO bricks into a box and seal it shut.

2. Head over to the LEGO Replay website and click “Ready to Donate.” Enter your email and zip code and they will give you a prepaid package label for shipping.

3. Place your package label on your box and drop it off at your local post office to ship it.