How To Teach Kids Compassion And Kindness

Compassion and kindness, like many things, are learned over time and through practice. When it comes to kindness and compassion, you are your child’s primary teacher.

And, there are many ways you can encourage your kids to be more caring and compassionate.

1. Believe in Your Child

First, it’s essential to believe that your child is capable of compassion and kindness. Kids are impressionable, and they believe what they hear.

2. Walk the Talk

If you want your child to be kind and compassionate, you can’t just tell them to be this way. Your child may listen to your words, but ultimately they learn more from what you do!

3. Show Your Child Compassion and Kindness

Allowing your child to experience empathy and compassion firsthand is even more impactful than modeling it.

4. Talk About It

Another great way to teach kindness and compassion is to communicate their importance to your kids. For example, if you see a movie where someone is kind, you can point it out.

To help teach compassion and empathy, make a point to coach your child to pay attention to people’s facial expressions.

5. Point Out Facial Expressions