Southern California’s Best Beaches For Families

Hitting the beach with kids isn’t always easy, but with plenty to explore and easy access to bathrooms and parking, some SoCal beaches make visiting with kids like a day at the, well, you know!

Pack your sunscreen and towels, and get ready to enjoy some fun in the sun at the best beaches for families in Southern California.

Santa Monica Beach

Is an iconic example of the legendary Southern California beaches. Besides the wide stretches of sandy coastline, Santa Monica Beach offers more than just surf and sand.

Marina Beach in Marina del Rey 

Locals call Marina Beach in Marina Del Rey “Mother’s Beach” because it features a roped-off swimming and wading area on the calm waters of the Marina Del Rey Harbor.

Between contemporary houses and broad areas of sand studded with volleyball courts, the Strand bike route goes along the seashore.

Manhattan Beach

Redondo Beach

Swimming, surfing, and windsurfing are all popular activities on the beach. The horseshoe-shaped pier, which also serves as a fishing pier, contains a variety of restaurants and stores.