Tips to Buying a Solar-Ready and EV-Compatible Home

Solar energy and electric vehicle charging are important factors to consider when looking to buy a new family home.

We enlisted an expert to answer all the solar power questions you should be asking before buying a house to ensure it is solar-ready.

The Benefits of Solar Power

An energy-efficient home is helpful both to your budget and the environment, which means choosing to upgrade to solar power or buying a home with a system in place is a win-win.

Determining If a House Is Solar-Ready

Understanding the energy usage in the home is essential to understanding how many panels you’ll need to put on the house.

If there are spiders and cobwebs in the main service panel — you may want to look into the electrical situation of the home a bit more.

Go to the electrical panel

If it’s a 100amp main breaker or less

RUN or NEGOTIATE — that is very low amperage for a modern-day home and will probably need to be upgraded for solar and EV charging stations.