Top Seven Tips to Better Exercise Training for New Mothers 

Let your doctor examine you and give you the “go ahead” before proceeding into an exercise program.

Proceed Gently

Choose functional strength training with an emphasis on CORRECTIVE posture exercises that include core and pelvic floor conditioning.

Modify your Exercise Program and Know your Limitation

Realistic Expectation

Develop reasonable exercise goals for you. As you become stronger you can increase the amount of days you exercise per week in addition to the exercise intensity.


It takes time for most women to resume their complete pre-pregnancy shape and that is ok, with consistency and hard work RESULTS WILL HAPPEN.

Prioritize Exercise

If you reserve time for you to exercise you are more likely to succeed and follow through. If childcare is an issue, ask a friend to trade off watching your baby.

I also caution women that their bodies have gone through a major physical trauma (childbirth) and like any medical procedure the body needs ample time to heal.