Ways to Process and Cope After a Traumatic Event

A person who has experienced a traumatic event may find themselves feeling an array of confusing thoughts and strong physical responses.

6 Simple Ways to Process and Cope After a Traumatic Event

Before reading, sit quietly for a few minutes. Bring your attention to your breath, letting go of thoughts and sensations, returning to the breath again and again.

Mindful Reading

Being Here Now

Take a a few minutes every day to stop and  take a moment to look around you, what you see, hear, touch/feel, smell, and taste? Let yourself absorb what is around you.

Write down whatever is arising in your mind, without judgment. Keep writing. When the time is up, stop and read.


Put on some music, maybe classical or slow tempo. If you feel your body wanting to move with the music let your body move and stay present in the moment.

Music and movement

If you experience a traumatic event, it is important to know and accept that your feelings are valid. Traumatic events can happen anywhere at any time.