Ways You Can Involve Your Children in the Moving Process

Few things are as stressful for the whole family as moving. That’s true for every environment, but it seems to be extra stressful if you’re living in a bustling.

Instead of having your kids run around the messy home and stress you out further, have them help you.

Let Them Clean With You

Camping Indoor

It’s not a new idea, but it’s incredibly creative and it will bring you and your kids closer together than ever before.

Decorating the Moving Box

You can let your kids decorate the boxes for their own things. It will keep them occupied while you’re busy doing other stuff around the home.

What to Keep, What to Give Away

Sit down with your kids and discuss what they want to keep and what they want to give away. You can donate clothes and books to any Goodwill across California.

If they manage to find the package in a box during unpacking, they get to keep it. That way the child will take some unpacking load off your back.

Unpacking — The Moving Game