6 Awesome First Day of Kindergarten Books
First Day of Kindergarten Books

6 Awesome First Day of Kindergarten Books

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The first day of school is full of excitement and anxiety for kids and parents, especially the first day of Kindergarten. Reading a great book with your kids is the best way to connect, calm nerves, open the topic of conversation, and develop a love of reading. These first day of Kindergarten books are some of the best choices to read together.

The Best First Day of Kindergarten Books

Starting school comes with many unknowns that can leave young children feeling nervous about the big day. These first day of Kindergarten books are the perfect way to help ease school jitters and get excited for the first day of school.

First Day of Kindergarten Books
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Kindergarten Where Kindness Matters Everyday

Written by an actual Kindergarten teacher, this beautiful book helps kids understand the importance of kindness and how they can help their new friends feel at ease. A great choice for early readers working on social skills.

Wemberly Worried

When it comes to picture books, you can never go wrong with prolific author and illustrator Kevin Henkes. This heartwarming book, which is a Teacher’s Pick on Amazon teaches kids that school is just too much fun to spend time being worried.

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Planet Kindergarten

Calling all young explorers! This exciting title invites kids to look at the start of the school year through a different lens. One that has them imagining school is a new adventure they get to embark on.

The Night Before Kindergarten

A fun rhyming play on the Night Before Christmas, this adorable book helps new students prepare for the beginning of the school year, like choosing a new backpack, meeting new classmates and a new teacher, dealing with separation anxiety, and more.

6 Awesome First Day of Kindergarten Books 6

The Pigeon Has to Go to School

Mo Willems hilarious Pigeon books are always good for lightening the mood in a fun way. This one will have your kids convincing Pigeon why he really needs to go to school and hopefully, in turn, they’ll convince themselves.

Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten

With whimsical illustrations and clever storylines, The entire Miss Bindergarten series is perfect for young students preparing for school. This one takes readers through intertwining stories as both teacher and students get ready for the first day in a Kindergarten classroom. With each student representing a letter of the alphabet, this is also the perfect book to help prep Kindergarten students.

What are some of your favorite first day of school books that we missed? Share more ideas on how to get ready for Kindergarten in our Local Anchor Facebook group.

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