Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids That Teach Responsibility
chores for kids

Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids That Teach Responsibility

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chores for kids
Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids That Teach Responsibility 3

Chores are an inevitable part of life that no one really enjoys, but completing chores as a family has many benefits. Chores are a great way to teach your child responsibility, but it’s essential to give age-appropriate chores for kids if you want them to complete the task and gain a sense of accomplishment.

Benefits of Chores for Kids

Raising happy, healthy, and resilient children is what we all want, and kids learn a lot just from doing household chores. Even though it may be a struggle to get your kids to complete tasks, your kids will benefit from the experiences. Here are just a few of the benefits that come with giving your kids some responsibility:

  • Kids learn what they need to do to care for themselves, a home, and a family. 
  • They learn skills that they will need in their adult lives such as preparing meals, cleaning, organizing, or gardening. 
  • When kids are involved in chores, it helps them build relationship skills such as communicating clearly, negotiating, and cooperating as a team. 
  • Helping with chores makes kids feel competent and responsible even if they don’t enjoy the chore. There’s a satisfaction that comes with finishing the task.
  • Sharing housework also helps families work together and reduces family stress. It frees up time to do fun things together as a family.
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Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids That Teach Responsibility 4

Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids

To focus on fostering responsibility rather than earning rewards for chores, it’s best to start doing chores at an early age. With these chores for kids by age, you’ll be well on your way to raising helpful, responsible children.

Chores for 2 and 3-Year-Olds

Even 2 and 3-year-olds can be responsible for small chores around the house. They may not be able to do the dishes or take out the trash, but you can start teaching them to be responsible for their own things such as:

  • Helping to pick up toys
  • Assisting you in making their bed
  • Putting their dirty clothes in the laundry basket
  • Filling pet bowls with assistance
  • Dusting 

Keep in mind that toddlers will still need reminding to do these things, and you may need to assist them with some of their chores. However, starting chores early paves the way for transitions to other responsibilities as they get older. 

Chores for 4 and 5-Year-Olds

Preschool-aged kids tend to have a desire to help their parents with chores around the house because they are in a stage where they learn through mimicking. At this age their hand-eye coordination has increased and they will be able to do many of the chores toddlers can do, but more independently. Some chores for 4 and 5-year-olds include:

  • Pick up toys
  • Pick up dirty laundry
  • Make their bed without supervision 
  • Clear the table 
  • Pull weeds 
  • Use a hand-held vacuum for crumbs
  • Water flowers 
  • Put away clean utensils 
  • Wash plastic dishes with supervision 
  • Assist an older sibling or adult with setting the table 
  • Help bring in light groceries 
  • Sort laundry into whites and colors before wash 
  • Match socks
  • Dust with a cloth 
  • Care for an animal’s food and water dishes

Keep in mind that 4 and 5-year-olds still don’t have a long attention span, so you need to remind them to do chores, give them one task at a time, and assist them with more prolonged duties, like washing dishes.

Chores for 6 and 9-Year-Olds

Once your child reaches elementary school age, they can take on more responsibility without much supervision. However, kids may start to rebel against chores at this age as they become more independent. In addition to the chores toddlers and preschoolers can do, primary aged kids can do the following tasks:

  • Put away their clothes in dressers or closets
  • Sweep the floors
  • Help make their lunches
  • Rake the yard
  • Clean their bedrooms with minimal supervision
  • Help put groceries away
  • Load and empty the dishwasher
  • Vacuum
  • Help with dinner or baking (5 Easy Kids Baking Recipes)
  • Make their breakfast (cereal, pop tarts, etc.) or snacks
  • Clean the table
  • Take the dog for a walk with supervision
  • Mop 
  • Empty the bathroom trash

As you give your elementary-aged kids chores, show them how to do each task correctly. Supervise them a few times to ensure they know what they are doing before you set them off on their own. Although kids in this age group can do more independently, you may still have to remind them to do their chores and supervise them with a few things. 

Chores for 10-Year-Olds and Preteens

10-year-olds and preteens can do quite a bit more than younger kids. In addition to doing more, they can complete tasks on their own and be held responsible for doing them without reminders. 

You may want to make a chore chart for your kids at this age. Chore charts help kids learn not only to be self-reliant but also to be responsible for themselves when no one is looking. In addition to the above chores, 10-year-olds through preteen can do the following tasks independently:

  • Do their laundry (or a few loads of laundry a week)
  • Wash the dishes
  • Wash the car
  • Prepare easy meals for the family (hot dogs and mac n cheese)
  • Take the trash out to the curb
  • Shovel the snow
  • Help care for siblings with guidance

Chores for Teenagers

Once your kid reaches high school, they should be able to do any household chores that you can. They are almost adults, so it’s crucial that you give them more responsibilities to help them in adulthood. In addition to all the above chores, here are some responsibilities you can give your teenagers:

  • Cook more complex meals 
  • Clean out the refrigerator
  • Clean the living room, dining room, bathroom, etc. 
  • Deep clean such as scrubbing the toilet, sink, or shower
  • Babysit younger siblings for short periods of time
  • Mow the lawn (even neighbors yards)
  • Take care of pets independently
  • Accomplish small shopping trips if they have a driver’s license
  • Iron clothes
  • Sew on buttons
  • Help parents with home or auto repairs

What chores do you have your kids do each day? We would love to see your chore charts! Share your chores, tips, or advice in our Local Anchor Facebook group.

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