Disneyland Resort & Disney’s California Adventure With Babies & Toddlers
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Disneyland Resort & Disney’s California Adventure With Babies & Toddlers

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13 Tips Disneyland for Babies & Toddlers

Thinking about taking the kids to Happiest Place on Earth®?  Check out these tips and tricks below before you head down to the Disneyland Resort and Disney’s California Adventure.

Disneyland Resort & Disney’s California Adventure with Babies & Toddlers

  1. The best reason to head to the most Happiest Place on Earth® with your babies and toddlers is that kids 2 and under are FREE!
  2. Before you venture out to Anaheim, check out the website “Is it Packed” for the best days to go.
  3. Download the Disneyland mobile App to see wait times in real time.  It also lists height requirements for each ride so you can plan ahead of time which rides children can go on. There is no height requirement for Pirates of the Caribbean!
  4. Celebrating a birthday? Or maybe it’s someones first time to visit Disneyland?  Be sure to stop by Guest Services or City Hall for your free button. Cast members all over the park will be wishing your little one a Happy Birthday all day long!
  5. Don’t over pack. It’s easier to get through security. Smaller strollers are better,  as big strollers are more difficult to use when the walkways get crowded.  Also, there sadly have been issues of strollers being stolen, so it’s not recommended to bring that really nice $800 stroller.
  6. You can bring food into the park, so load up on snacks for the kids, even lunch. You can refill sippy cups with free water available at just about any food location.
  7. Baby Care Centers are the best! There is one located in each park.   One at the end of Main Street USA in Disneyland and the other is located next to the Ghirardelli Ice Cream Store in Disney’s California Adventure.   Each facility has nursing rooms, lots of changing tables, a feeding area with high chairs, a kitchen area that has a microwave and sink and lots of items for purchase like formula, diapers, baby food, etc.
  8. There are photographers throughout both parks and they are happy to take photos with your camera saving you lots of money for those perfect memories.
  9. Want to ride the big rides but the kiddos are too small, try the Disney Rider Switch program, one parent stays with the child(ren) while the first parent rides, then they switch! Not available on all attractions, check this list first
  10. Kids can cool off at the “A Bug’s Life” splash pad.   But suggest sandals and an extra pair of clothes, as they will get wet!
  11. There are so many shows and parades to see at both parks, but one of our favorites for the little ones is the Disney Jr. Dance Party in Disney’s California Adventure.
  12. Need to cool off, Frozen – Live at the Hyperion is a great place. The production of Frozen is top notch and a great place to cool down in a nice air-conditioned room.
  13. Another place to take a nice cool break is the hotel lobby at The California Grand Hotel.  They have cartoons playing for the kids, comfortable couches, and usually someone playing your favorite Disney songs on the Grand piano.

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