Easy Eco-Friendly Changes That Make a Big Impact

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Small Eco-Friendly changes to your daily life add up to big environmental impact! We all know the basics: reduce, reuse, recycle, and restore, but how can we make an even bigger difference in our environmental footprint without making drastic changes to our lives? Protecting the Earth can be an everyday activity by incorporating easy products and habits into our routines and purchases. 

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And with busy schedules, daily grinds, and general life chaos most of us are looking for effortless changes.  After learning about Hippo Sak, we had an “ah ha!” moment, because what is more daily than taking out the trash? When we saw their plant-based and ocean plastic kitchen bags, a light bulb went off, inspiring us to create a list of impactful ways you can easily help the planet. Hippo Sak is company that ticked off all our environmental boxes:

  • They’re manufactured with a low carbon footprint and very low water usage
  • They’re reducing pollution while offering high quality eco-friendly products
  • They’re manufactured in the United States with the highest environmental standards
  • Plant based is a bio based, renewable resource – not made out of fossil fuels
  • Ocean plastic is removing plastic trash from developing nations before it gets into our oceans as plastic pollution
  • These sustainable options are stronger than premium, brand name trash bags!


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But it didn’t stop with trash bags! Compostable bags, bags for pet owners, bags for parents, storage bags and even ice bags! Influenced by their leadership and commitment to the future, we came up with a list of environmental changes that don’t impact your day or your time, but make a big difference. And bonus points, these changes lead to a healthier lifestyle!

Easy Eco-Friendly Changes That Make a Big Impact

Switch out your everyday products for Eco-Friendly products & products made from recycled materials

  • Switch from Trash Bags to Green Bags
  • Use Glass Storage and Leftover Containers
  • Change to Eco Friendly Cleaning Products
  • Clean Beauty Products
  • Switch your dog to Earth friendly dog food & pet waste bags
  • Reusable snack & lunch bags
  • Indulge in Fabric Napkins

Use a one a week technique like: 

  • Meatless Monday’s
  • Carpool/Bike/Walk
  • Batch your errands to one day per week


  • Grow a vegetable garden without using harmful pesticides and chemicals
  • Compost your kitchen scraps and use compostable compost bags
  • Plant trees
  • Join a community garden

Buy Local & Clean Up Local – Reduce your Footprint

  • Buy local foods, beers, wines, clothing, etc
  • Teach the kiddos to help clean up local beaches, parks, and city areas by picking up trash 
  • Support local and USA businesses with eco-conscious business policies and practices

Reduce Home Waste

  • Switch to Online Bill Pay
  • Opt out of Junk Mail
  • Run only full loads of laundry and dishes
  • Reduce your heating & cooling temperature habits
  • Adjust your water and electricity use

Be sure to check out our South Bay Earth Day Challenge and our list of Earth Day Crafts and Activities for ideas!

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