9 Easy Ways to Exercise with Kids At Home
at-home exercise

9 Easy Ways to Exercise with Kids At Home

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at-home exercise
9 Easy Ways to Exercise with Kids At Home 4

Are you struggling to get your daily workout in while being a full-time parent? Exercise isn’t just good for adults, but it’s great for kids as well. There are many ways to exercise with kids that allow you to get the most out of your workout. At-home exercises are just what you need!

You don’t always have to hit the gym. You can work out at home, even with the little ones. Not only is exercise healthy for everyone, but it’s a great way to spend time with and bond with your child. 

Ways to Exercise with Kids

Did you know that kids and teens should get at least 60-minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily? Exercise is one of many easy steps to a healthier and more productive lifestyle. Physically active kids have improved moods, better sleep habits, and are healthier overall. Here are some fantastic ways to exercise with kids, so you’re both getting what you need:

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9 Easy Ways to Exercise with Kids At Home 5

Workout Games

Exercise doesn’t have to be all about routine and structure. You can get in some heart-pumping cardio simply by playing physical games. If you want everyone to get a little physical, here are some workout games to try:

  • Tag– Your child’s job is to run and escape, and your job is to run after them. A game of tag is a great cardio exercise where nobody realizes they are exercising. 
  • Animal walks– Call out an animal name, and everyone has to move like that animal. This is a good one for younger kids. It’s a great cardio exercise and can be great for flexibility. 
  • Hot lava– The floor is lava, and you must use your mad skills to hop from one piece of furniture to the next. It’s a great leg and cardio workout. 
  • Sports– Another way to work out at home is to play basketball, football, or baseball in the backyard. 

Family Dance Party

Turn on some awesome tunes and just dance! Dancing is excellent for cardio and is quite literally a whole body workout. Think about it; you move your arms, legs, bottom, and belly while you’re dancing, and you don’t even realize you’re working out. A 30-minute dance workout can burn 130-250 calories, equivalent to a 30-minute jog. Plus, dancing is more fun than jogging, and kids love it!

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9 Easy Ways to Exercise with Kids At Home 6

Body Weight Exercises

If you have a toddler, they may not be ready to do regular workouts, but you can use their body weight to get your exercises in. You can put your child on your shoulders and do lunges or squats. Have them sit on your back as you do push-ups or bear crawl. These easy exercises are great for weight training. 

Baby Workout

If you have a baby that isn’t walking or crawling yet, you can still get them involved in your workout. Get your legs, glutes, and abs in shape, putting your baby on your legs and flying them in the air. Do some push-ups and squats over your baby, and each time you come down, you can give them a kiss or a tickle. Additionally, you can wear your baby in a carrier while you walk, bounce on a yoga ball, do squats, lunges, or more. If you’re a new mom, be sure to check out these 7 Tips to Better Exercise Training For New Mothers!

Get Outside

In a world where everything is virtual, kids spend a lot of time indoors watching TV, playing video games, or watching YouTube videos. The best thing you can do to exercise with kids is getting them outside. Take a walk, explore a hiking trail, or have relay races in your backyard.

Nerf Gun Wars

Whether inside or outside, Nerf gun wars are great cardio workouts at home. Not only do you get physical activity, but it’s a great way for everyone to cope with stress and frustration. Hiding, dodging, and out-running a Nerf bullet is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to get creative, get on teams, build a fort, and strategize to beat the other side. You’ll be working out your bodies and your minds!

Trampoline Games

There’s so much fun you can have on a trampoline, and jumping on it is an easy way to exercise with kids. In the summer, putting a sprinkle underneath it while you bounce is a great way to cool off while still getting in that physical activity. Popcorn is a classic trampoline game, and one kids will want to play over and over. In addition to popping the person in the middle out of their position, you can play a game like:

  • Trampoline tag
  • Basketball-some trampolines come with a net attached
  • Ring around the Rosy
  • Twister
  • And more, get creative!

Obstacle Courses

Set up simple obstacle courses indoors or outdoors. Things like a chair to go around, a box to jump over, and hula hoops to hop through are all great obstacle course ideas. Don’t forget to add in some hopscotch fun. If you’re feeling competitive, you can always make two courses and race each other through them. 

Snow Fun

Another great way to exercise with kids is in the snow! Building snow forts, snowball fighting, sledding, and even snow angels are great ways to get in some physical activity with your kiddos. Trudging through snow in itself is great for cardio. Check out these 6 Classic Snow Activities for Kids That Never Get Old for some ideas.

Do you have an at-home exercise that you do with your kids? Let us know in our Local Anchor Facebook Group! We’d love to know you and your family get active together.

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