Spring Cleaning Is Easy and Helpful With Give Back Box
spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning Is Easy and Helpful With Give Back Box

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spring cleaning
Spring Cleaning Is Easy and Helpful With Give Back Box 2

Spring cleaning is the perfect excuse to finally clear out the toys and clothes your kids have outgrown. But what do you do with it all? While there are plenty of places to donate kids’ clothes and toys, Give Back Box makes it as easy as possible to minimize your clutter without impacting the planet.

What is Give Back Box?

Founded in 2012, the Give Back Box program is on a mission to provide a convenient way to donate household items, as well as making a greater purpose out of single-use boxes. In partnership with retailers like Amazon, Overstock, LEGO, REI, and more, the organization aims to help consumers divert waste and recycle.

Give Back Box is a streamlined way to donate clothes, toys, and household items you no longer need. Simply take a box you already have at home (we all have those empty Amazon boxes!), fill it with the items you want to donate, slap on a prepaid shipping label and send it off. It couldn’t be easier. Not only will you give new life to your old thing, but you’ll also be recycling all those cardboard boxes. It’s a win-win!

How It Works

Whenever you receive a delivery from Amazon, Target, or any online retailer that arrives in a cardboard box, set it aside for spring cleaning. When you’re ready, gather the items you want to donate, which can include clothing, toys, and household items. Fill the box with your items and then sign up online to receive a prepaid shipping label or send an email to info@givebackbox.com. You can then drop off your package at FedEx, UPS, or any Post Office.

Making the Most Out of Spring Cleaning

It’s a great feeling to clear out your clutter, but you certainly don’t want your items to end up in a landfill either. Donating the items you no longer need through a program like Give Back Box helps ensure that your donated items find a new home and new use instead. The program also benefits the environment by providing that cardboard boxes get a second use and are then recycled.

Where do you usually donate clothes and toys? Share your tips on our Local Anchor Facebook group.

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