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Movement Practice with Chelsea
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Various studios in Los Angeles, South Bay & Beyond, Los Angeles, California

Movement Practice with Chelsea offers adult dance classes, group and private yoga lessons, and customized events.  Chelsea Vick has fifteen years of teaching experience.  She teaches all ages and experience levels.  She created Movement Practice with Chelsea because she believes movement is medicine.  Her goal is to help every student feel good in their own skin.  

She teaches weekly drop-in dance and yoga classes, and one-time “pop-up” events at various studios around Los Angeles.  She also offers private, customized yoga lessons, and workplace yoga workshops. She will come to your location and personalize a “movement practice” just for you or your group.

  • ADULT DANCE CLASSES (all experience levels)

  • GROUP AND PRIVATE YOGA LESSONS (offered at various studios or at YOUR LOCATION)

  • EVENTS – Customized dance and yoga events for celebrations and workplace wellness

DANCE – Chelsea created a “confidence-centric dance experience” called “STRUT.” The experience is often described as feeling more like a night out with friends than a dance class.  Her STRUT classes are designed for women who “used to dance” or for those who’ve always wanted to try.  Although safety and alignment are priorities, perfect technique is not the focus of these classes.  She creates a welcoming and non-competitive environment where students are encouraged to focus on their energy, love their bodies, be present in the moment, and most of all, have fun.  She takes pride in creating choreography that is accessible for all skill levels, so inexperienced dancers shouldn’t be intimidated and advanced dancers will still enjoy the workout.  Check Chelsea’s website for dates, times, and locations, or contact her to create a personalized STRUT class for you and a group of friends.

YOGA – In addition to teaching dance, Chelsea is also a yoga instructor.  She developed a yoga workshop called “SOULFUL STRETCH.”  These classes are designed for all experience levels and are intended to be restorative and relaxing.  She focuses on flexibility, alignment, and joint mobility.  She intentionally selects music and structures playlists to tap into her student’s emotions. Her students leave class feeling inspired, motivated, joyous, and relaxed. Check Chelsea’s website for dates, times, and locations, or contact her to schedule a class for your group.  

Chelsea especially loves creating personalized movement practice plans for her clients.  Taking a yoga class can be very beneficial but committing to a movement practice plan developed specifically for you can offer greater results.  She offers private yoga lessons at your location and will work with you to create a personalized plan based on your goals, experience, and body type.

EVENTS – Chelsea also offers private, customized events.  Her STRUT workshops can be personalized and offered for birthday and bachelorette parties.  She also can customize her SOULFUL STRETCH for workplace wellness sessions.  Visit her website or contact her to begin planning your next event.

Classes are offered in various locations in Los Angeles, South Bay, and beyond.  Contact Chelsea if you want to schedule a class at your location.

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Phone: 3135209745

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