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South Bay Giving Back: The Laptop Elf Project

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The Laptop Elf

During such a difficult time, Local Anchor would like to recognize specific individuals or organizations that are coming together and giving back to the community. For this week’s South Bay Giving Back, we are shining a light on David Lombard and The Laptop Elf Project. Currently, he’s giving back by refurbishing unwanted tech donated by the South Bay community and giving them away to low-income teachers and local nonprofits.

South Bay Giving Back: The Laptop Elf Project

Tell us a little about yourself? 

“My wife, Sherry, and I have lived in the South Bay since 1988 and happily retired here. Our children and grandchildren are located in New York and Colorado. After retiring from aerospace (Hughes and Boeing) in 2013, we expanded our leisure travel to venture overseas. We are looking forward to resuming overseas travel again in the future.

In my retirement, I wanted to do something related to both my enthusiasm for personal technology and my desire to give back to the community. In 2014, I began providing free in-home tech help to South Bay seniors through the Hermosa Five-0 Activity Center. Currently, we have six volunteers and have transitioned to a safe-distance approach using software tools such as Zoom.

That same year, I founded The Laptop Elf Project starting with one laptop given to me by a client. The Laptop Elf Project collects working, unwanted laptops, iPads and tablets from South Bay families. I later refurbished these units and give them to school teachers in low-income areas and to non-profits that help the disadvantaged. As of June 2020, The Laptop Elf Project has given away over 375 computers and computers that couldn’t be refurbished have been properly recycled.”

2020 Baja Whales 1938

Please tell us about your project. Describe what you are doing to support our community?

“The Laptop Elf Project collects working, unwanted laptops, iPads and tablets from South Bay families. I make sure to securely erase all the data and programs and refurbish these units. These are later given to school teachers in low-income areas and to non-profit organizations that help the disadvantaged.”

Who are you supporting with this project?

“We’re supporting teachers who work in schools with many low-income students, which includes school districts in Los Angeles, Lynwood, Inglewood, Torrance, and others. We also support non-profit organizations like Community’s Child, One Step Ministry, Robyne’s Nest, and Volunteers of America who support disadvantaged individuals and families.”

The Laptop Elf Refurbished Laptops

What inspired you to do this project?

“What inspired me was my life-long interest in personal technology and the desire to help disadvantaged families get the technology they need for home, school, and work.”

How can the community support your efforts?

“If you have unwanted tech in your house, please donate working Windows laptops and Macbooks (2010 and newer). I can also refurbished any working iPad (any generation), tablet, or Kindle. If you also have the charging cords, I would very much appreciate you donating that along with your device.”

Anything else you would like us to include?

“Here are some local media articles about The Laptop Elf Project:”

The Daily Breeze | Redondo Beach’s Laptop Elf Delivers Technology to Youth All Year Long

KTLA Channel 5 News | ‘Laptop Elf’ Refurbishes Old Laptops, Gives them to the Needy

If you would like to help David and the Laptop Elf Project, feel free to email him at [email protected]. You can also reach him on his personal Facebook account or the Laptop Elf Project Facebook page.

Local Anchor is currently looking for individuals and businesses giving back to the community of South Bay and we need your help! Nominate an individual or local business that you would like to see featured on our website for giving back to the community! If you would like to nominate someone, please reach out at [email protected]

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