Top Meal Delivery Services in the South Bay

Top Meal Delivery Services in the South Bay

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Top Meal Delivery Services in the South Bay - Los Angeles

Balancing the day between taking care of a family and yourself can be time consuming, that is why meal delivery services may make your life easier. From taking the kids to school to finding time to wind down and relax, cooking healthy meals throughout the day can be a difficult task. Here is a list of some great meal delivery services for you to try.

Sun Basket

Cook healthy, delicious dinners with Paleo, Gluten-Free, Vegan and more. Sun Basket offers breakfast, lunch & snacks. Price per serving is as low as $10.99. Ordering is very simple as this service is subscription based. Simply order and have meals delivered a couple times a week. This service has a low commitment because you can skip meals or cancel whenever you like.

Home Chef

Rated by moms as simple and effortless, Home Chef helps you cut down the time of meal preparation by delivering fresh ingredients and making instructions straightforward. Meals such as Fajita Chicken Tacos cost only $7.99 per serving and premium meals like Scallop and Mushroom Risotto are $11.95 per serving.

Blue Apron

Cook a variety of meals from different cultures and menus with Blue Apron! You can choose between meals with meat, fish, or vegetarian ingredients. There are menus that serve 2-4 people cost as little as $39.94 for 6 meals in the first week. Simply order online and have the fresh ingredients delivered to your door.


Don’t like prepping ingredients? Gobble does the dirty work and finishes most of the annoying preparation for cooking. After they get that out of the way, all you have to do is cook your meals within a couple of minutes. Each meal is $11.99 and is subscription based.

Hello Fresh

Make a delicious meal such as Crispy Parmesan Chicken or Veggie Couscous Bowl for only $6.99 per serving. Just pick a plan on the website, get all the fresh ingredients you need for your meal, and cook and serve. Hello Fresh also understands if you change your mind any day of the week and they accommodate if you need to skip a meal.


Too tired to cook? Pop a Freshly meal in the microwave and you’ll have it ready in a couple of minutes. This service delivers ready to heat, microwavable meals to your door when you order online. The menu rotates often and there are over 30+ options per week. Skipping a meal is also easy with this delivery service.


Have a personalized menu made just for you and choose your portion sizes with Methodology. This service offers small, medium, and large meals starting at $16.99. They offer “clean and ultra nourishing meals” and differ from other services because the menu is based on what you need. Subscribe and get consistent and clean nourishment delivered to your home.

Purple Carrot

Indulge in plant-based meals for $7.99 per meal. Purple Carrot offers 2-serving or 6-serving meals a week. Weekly deliveries arrive around the beginning of each week and they make it easy for you to cook meat-free meals.


Choose between plant-based or meat proteins with Thistle. Meals are fully cooked and delivered to you every week. Pricing is either $42 per week or $11.50 per meal.

Nurture Life

You don’t always have to cook for your children to eat healthy. Nurture Life can do the work for you and deliver healthy pre-cooked meals for your little ones. They offer meals for babies, toddlers, and kids for as little as $4.38.

One Potato

Prepare food from ingredients that are already portioned for your children and family. One Potato is flexible and allows you to choose the days you want to cook. You simply order based on your family’s size. Their endearing “Two Potato” to “Six Potato” plans allow you to pick from 2-6 servings per night. Pricing for each serving ranges from $7 – $13.

Feed the Soul

Skip meal-prepping by ordering through Feed The Soul. This service provides an assortment of meals you can hand-pick each week and have delivered to you. You can also order their packs, which make the process simpler for you. Pricing differs between packs, the Power Pack offers breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner for 5 days of the week for only $195.


Eat meals prepared by the lovely stay at home mother, Maria. Maria specializes in clean, paleo, and comfort food. She offers meal preparation, catering, and private cooking events. Her passion is in community and bonding over food, which makes her a great source for healthy meals and a meaningful friendship in the area.

Ready Fit Go 

Order meals, have them cooked for you, heat them up yourself, and eat. With Ready Fit Go, you don’t have to cook or do the dishes. Order online and get the pre-cooked meals delivered to your door. You can get 15 entire meals (breakfasts, lunches, and dinners), 5 snacks, and 5 beverages for as little as $169 per week. This service cuts down the cost and time of having meals and lets you prioritize other things in your life.

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Comment down below if we left out any of your favorite meal delivery services!

Top Meal Delivery Services in the South Bay

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