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10 Practices to Manifest your Best Year

10 Practices to Manifest your Best Year

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10 Practices to Manifest your Best Year
10 Practices to Manifest your Best Year 2

Here are the Top 10 practices to manifest your best year!

Here are the Top 10 practices to manifest your best year! The Holidays are a very busy time of the year for everyone. Once Thanksgiving arrives, the days slip away and you find yourself entering the new year in hopes to recover from them. Shopping becomes a mission, cooking must be impeccable, planning and executing the best holidays for your family takes a lot of your time and mind. You are smack in the middle of spreading holiday cheer that you forget about your goals for the new year. You don’t have time to reflect on them by the time you wrap the festivities. Soon, your daily tasks resume and you unconsciously push everything aside. In this article, we will introduce the top 10 things to manifest in the New Year. If you are a parent, college student or business owner you will find some useful tips to consider applying to your daily routine this New Year.

Top 10 practices to manifest your best year!

  1. Read
    Reading is an important activity to apply to your daily routine. Manifesting this can improve your vocabulary, mental stimulation, stress, memory and more. Try to read 30 minutes a day, but just 15 minutes before going to bed will also be very beneficial.
  2. Create your “Morning Pages”
    This idea was introduced in Julia Cameron’s, The Artists Way, where she explains that writing down everything that is in your mind after waking up can lead to having a decluttered, stress free day. Additionally, you can also check-off items if they need to be completed! It’s a win-win situation.
  3. Exercise  
    Danielle Spangler, CoreMom Fitness, says to start exercising safely and gradually. No need to be a weekend warrior or “new years warrior” and feel like it’s all or nothing. Also when you start safely and slowly, you are more likely to sustain your workouts and of course reduce chance of injury. Consider building a foundation first through yoga and strength training. There are literally hundreds of apps and videos you can stream and watch to get the workouts. If you can afford to hire a personal trainer, it is a good investment to help you learn proper form technique and exercises specifically for your needs. If a trainer is not feasible, consider small group training or classes to reduce the expense and don’t forget about the nutrition component as the other half of helping you get healthy!
  4. Feed Your Body Well
    Sarah Pruett Soufl MS RDN,  S O U F L Nutrition tell us to start the new year by planning to feed yourself well from the inside out.  Weight-loss focused, calorie-restricted diets usually start from a place of dissatisfaction and they almost always fail.  Instead of trying to make yourself smaller, focus on respecting your body and the amazing ways it carries you through life.  From this place of respect start to make small changes to the way you eat, and build upon your successes.  Some ideas for small changes that make a big impact: eating a handful of nuts daily, adding a vegetable, adding a fruit, eating dinner with your family more often.  You set the specific goal (time, amount, how you’ll track it, etc.) so that you can measure your success.
  5. Volunteer
    Do something that takes you out of your routine. Volunteering for different organizations is not only the perfect opportunity to give back to your community, but to also meet people and be a part of something bigger than yourself. There are wonderful non-profit organizations in and around the South Bay where you can volunteer. Click here to see our list of local organizations so you can reach out and see how you can help! You can also join our group on Facebook, Local Anchor Giving Back, for volunteer opportunities all year long.
  6. Vision Board
    If you are a visual person, than this is the perfect project for you! Get creative and plan your goals for the year. Your goals can be from losing weight, launching a new business, or save money for a special new purchase. List the necessary steps to meet your goal. Consider who, what, where, when, what, and how. 
  7. Daily Affirmations
    This is a great way to connect with yourself and become aware of your surroundings.  Beth Griffin, Chrysalis Beauty recommends listening to audio affirmations first thing before you start your day, and last thing as you fall asleep- when your brain is it’s most impressionable.  It will help RE-WIRE the negative self talk you may not even be aware of! She suggests SoundCloud, an app to find good audio affirmations for daily listening.  You can also sign up for Daily email affirmations by Manifesting Mamas.
  8. Find Renewed Faith in your Core Beliefs and Values
    Connect with yourself and become aware of your surroundings. Find time each week for quiet and connection to your spiritual self, and your spiritual guides. We are so guided and cared for, yet often, with the business and noise of life we can’t hear the guidance and answers we are looking for, usually in the wrong places! Maybe it’s church, a group setting, something you do completely solo at home or in nature, think about the values and spiritual tenants that are most important to you, and that are most important to pass on to your children and create a practice that nurtures that faith.
  9. Make Time for your Favorite Activities & “ME” time
    Schedule time in your calendar.  Often times we get caught up in the daily hustle & bustle and leisure activities take a back seat.  Find that thing you love the most and do it often. Whether it is hiking, drawing, biking, Spa day, or having game night with your friends.
  10. Detox
    “Detox” or get rid of negativity in your life.  Whether it be getting organized in your home, clearing the clutter and donating items you don’t need, “unfollowing” negative people on social media, or giving some distance to those that bring negativity into your life.   

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