5 Fun Activities to Do While Kayaking or Canoeing
Fun Activities To Do While Kayaking or Canoeing

5 Fun Activities To Do While Kayaking or Canoeing

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Fun Activities To Do While Kayaking or Canoeing
5 Fun Activities To Do While Kayaking or Canoeing 3

Kayaking or canoeing is a friendly, relaxing venture that puts the mind at ease and the body in motion. However, if you want to get the most out of your experience, you can incorporate safe and enjoyable games. These are fun activities to do while kayaking or canoeing.

A Dozen Points

This game is an excellent idea for either watercraft, making it a quality choice amongst groups. Besides the kayak or canoe, you’ll need to acquire additional supplies like paddles, floating balls, and a whistle.

Once everyone is in the water, each vessel will have a ball. Then, there will be a leader that acts as a master of ceremonies, setting the rules for the game. The game’s goal is to gain points, and once someone acquires 12 points, that team wins.

The leader can choose any action for gaining points, but the idea is to treat this game as an educational contest. Therefore, doing things that practice your paddling, switching positions, or getting back in the vessel if you are in the water is beneficial, especially with your child or another novice.

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5 Fun Activities To Do While Kayaking or Canoeing 4

Ultimate Frisbee in Water

Tossing a frisbee around is an excellent game for those who want to engage in a leisurely activity. However, if you’re going to take it up a notch, you can bring the disc to the water and make it a competition.

Like ultimate frisbee, you will have two teams, with teams of five or less, ideally. Create your goals about 100-feet apart, and try to reach your endzone with the frisbee to score. You can set ground rules that limit the number of strokes you have, so one player isn’t taking complete control of the game.

I Spy

Taking in the scenery when you are moseying about in your watercraft can be breathtaking. But unless you’re out whale watching, it can be repetitive if you see the same types of trees and shoreline. Of course, you can always bring back the classic car game “I Spy.” This challenge gives kayakers and canoers a reason to keep their eyes open and make a game of it. Hopefully, an activity like this will provide you with an eagle eye for things you might overlook otherwise.

Balancing Act

Although it may be one of the riskier games, it also may be one of the most exhilarating ones to play. Furthermore, this game only requires two people, so you don’t need a group of people to entertain yourself unless you want a peanut gallery to cheer you on.

This game requires each player to stand on the edge of their chosen watercraft, attempting to do anything to stay balanced and dump their competitor in the water. It’s a win-win game for each participant, figuring you either win the game or enjoy the pleasant water if you lose.

Relay Race

You can always go with the old faithful relay race when in doubt. This activity doesn’t have a minimum or a maximum number of participants, especially if no one else is in the water, so it’s a fantastic choice if you don’t have any balls or additional equipment. Plus, it improves your rowing prowess, turning you into an expert rower.

Next time you hit the water, you’ll know some fun activities to do while kayaking or canoeing. It’s best to wait until you feel comfortable in each vessel, but once you do, have fun!

What are some fun activities your family enjoys on the water? Share your tips with us on our Local Anchor Facebook group.

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