Community Spotlight: Adrian Magdaleno | Local Anchor
Community Spotlight: Adrian Magdaleno

Community Spotlight: Adrian Magdaleno

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Community Spotlight: Adrian Magdaleno

Community Spotlight: Adrian Magdaleno

Acknowledging your kid’s talent is a great way to motivate and encourage them, something Adrian Magdaleno’s family did when supporting his talent for art and drawing. By using art as a positive reinforcement and by recognizing his ADHD as an important part of his aptitude and gift for art, they helped him see his strengths and uniqueness, bringing out the best in him! Which is why we’ve turned our Community Spotlight to Adrian, to learn how this encouragement and positive parenting has had a happy impact on his life

Tell us a little about you:

“Adrian Magdaleno has been drawing petty much since he could pick up a pencil. His interest really peaked when he was about 5 years old. A lot of his talent is self taught. He’d sit there and watch countless YouTube tutorials on how to draw. His main interest was in the comic style of drawing. Initially he needed a lot of guidance from the videos, but now he can pretty much mimic free hand any comic style character he sees. He has a younger sister who is 6 years old named Raquel and he’s in 5th grade. He lives with his mom and dad.  He was diagnosed with ADHD 3 years ago and we created his Instagram account so that he could share his art with more people other than just his family.  Adrian loves to play basketball and The Los Angeles Lakers are his favorite team.”
“Adrian is a ten year old boy who loves to draw. Drawing is his passion and his gift.”

Community Spotlight: Adrian Magdaleno

Who inspires you?

“Adrian was inspired by his favorite author Dav Pilkey.  A lot of what he draws are copies of the artists he admires. His main inspiration was Dav Pilkey. Backtrack to a few months ago when he was officially diagnosed with ADHD – that was when his real connection to Dav grew. Dav himself has ADHD. When my nephew found this out, he realized that his diagnosis was not a crutch and that he can still succeed in life.”

Anything else you would like us to include?

“Drawing really helps him focus and frankly, he’s so good at it that we all encourage him to continue. I know eventually he will come up with his own characters and story lines. I have no doubt he will do something great with his artistic talent. The local Starbucks in Garden Grove had a local art night where my nephew was able to showcase his work for the first time. Hopefully an opportunity like that won’t be his last.
Adrian’s dream is to one day make comic books and create movies.”

You can Follow Adrian on Instagram: @adrian_mag2010

Community Spotlight: Adrian Magdaleno

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