23 of the Best Kids Learning Apps
best kids learning apps

23 Best Educational Learning Apps for Kids (2023) 

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Online Learning Tools & Resources for Kids
23 Best Educational Learning Apps for Kids (2023)  6

According to studies, kids use tablets and cellphones on average for two hours each day. It may be difficult to shield your children from technology in this day of ever-increasing use. Making constructive use of it is the best response to this. Do your children possess a smartphone or tablet? Do you want them to get the most out of their screen time and learn something?

Discover the top kids learning apps in this article, which you can download right away to provide your children entertaining ways to learn as they spend time on their screens.

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Why Are Educational Apps Important?

Educational apps are important because they offer a convenient and engaging way to learn. They provide students with access to educational content anytime, anywhere, allowing them to learn at their own pace. Apps can also be tailored to individual learning styles, helping students learn more efficiently and effectively. Educational apps are also great for reinforcing concepts that children have already learned in the classroom. By providing interactive activities, educational apps make learning fun and engaging for kids. Finally, educational apps can help children build essential skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and creativity which will help them succeed in school and life.

Features To Look For In Educational Apps

When looking for educational apps, it’s important to pay attention to features such as the app’s user experience, content quality, and ability to track progress. A good user experience will make learning more enjoyable and efficient, while high-quality content will ensure that you are receiving accurate information. Additionally, an educational app should help you track your progress so you can keep track of your development over time. Many educational apps also have features that allow you to customize the learning experience according to your own needs. Look for features like adaptive learning which tailors the learning experience according to your individual level of knowledge, or interactive elements that engage users with quizzes or games. Finally, make sure the app is compatible with multiple devices so you can access it wherever and whenever you need it.

APA Screen Time Recommendations

The American Psychological Association (APA) recommends limiting screen time for children to no more than two hours per day. This recommendation applies to all types of digital media, including television, computers, video games, and cell phones. The APA also recommends that parents set up rules and boundaries regarding the use of technology in their home. For example, they suggest establishing a rule of no screens during mealtime or before bedtime. Additionally, they advise parents to be good role models by monitoring their own screen time and setting a good example for their children. By following these guidelines and taking an active role in their children’s activities, parents can help ensure that their children’s screen time is limited and appropriate.

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23 Best Educational Learning Apps for Kids (2023)  7

23 Best Educational Learning Apps for Kids (2023) 

ABCmouse Early Learning Academy

Ages 2-8 years old

ABC Mouse is a popular pick for many, and it’s one of the best apps for learning out there. It uses storyline-based videos, activities, and quizzes to teach kids 2-8 years old. There are 10 learning levels and over 10,000 activities for your children to explore. Kids learn everything from reading skills to the solar system. This app is a favorite for parents and kids alike.

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Adventure Academy

Ages 8 – 13 years old

If your tykes have outgrown ABCmouse, then Adventure Academy is the next stop. The app features an interactive learning universe where kids can learn through participating in over 4,000 activities. Adventure Academy is full of quests and fun adventure games that kids can play independently or with friends. They can level up and unlock fun character customizations, which will help keep them motivated to play.

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Speech Blubs

Ages 2-8 years old

Speech Blubs was made with activities that are speech-pathologist approved. It helps kids, particularly those with articulation issues or special needs, feel more confident when speaking. Kids watch and repeat words from fun videos, role play, and participate in over 1,500 activities.

Kids Academy

Experts designed Kids Academy to be one of the best educational apps for pre-K to third grade. It’s simple to use and full of hand-picked activities for each age group. One of the best features of this app is the weekly reports available for parents to view showing the acquired skills and progress that your child has made.

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is a fantastic free educational app for kids of all ages. It offers interactive activities and lessons that encourage children to learn in a fun and engaging way. The app covers math, language arts, science, social studies, art, music and more, so there’s something for everyone! Khan Academy Kids also includes fun games and rewards to help motivate kids to stay on track with their learning journey. It’s easy to use and tailored specifically to each child’s age and ability level. With Khan Academy Kids, parents can rest assured that their children are getting the best education possible while having plenty of fun along the way. This app is free to download.

BrainPop and BrainPop Jr.

BrainPop and BrainPop Jr. are free educational websites that offer fun and exciting learning experiences to children and adults alike. BrainPop features animated movies in a variety of topics, from science and math to social studies and English, as well as quizzes and activities designed to reinforce the material. BrainPop Jr. is for younger learners, offering animated movies about basic topics such as numbers, shapes, sounds and letters. It also includes a variety of games, songs and activities to help young learners develop basic skills. Both websites feature an array of content including videos, quizzes and activities that help users learn in an enjoyable way. With so much content available on both websites, users can find something interesting no matter what their age or educational level is.

Prodigy Math & English App

Grades 1-8

The Prodigy Math & English App is an excellent tool for students of all ages to develop their math and English skills. It offers engaging activities that can be tailored to each individual student’s needs and abilities, making it perfect for both in-classroom and homeschooling settings. It features a combination of lessons, practice questions, games, and assessments that cover everything from basic math and grammar to more advanced topics like algebra and writing essays. Additionally, the app allows teachers to track student progress over time, enabling them to tailor instruction to meet each student’s specific learning objectives. With its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive coverage of both math and English topics, Prodigy Math & English App is an invaluable resource for any classroom or homeschool setting.

Epic! – Kids’ Books & Reading

Epic is one of the best apps for learning how to foster a love for reading. There are countless books that you can download that are geared toward their reading level and interests. There’s no need to accumulate an endless stack of books when you can have as many books as you want available at your fingertips. The app also features videos and audiobooks to enjoy as well.

best kids learning apps
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Busy Shapes

The Busy Shapes app helps kids to learn how to handle objects through simple puzzles. They learn about shapes as they play and receive positive guidance and motivation to encourage them to continue trying.

Hungry Caterpillar Play School

This app is a fantastic learning tool for preschoolers. In addition to Arts & Jigsaws, it offers teaching in five main subject areas: Forms, Colors, Letters, Storytelling, and Quantities. The app will maintain your child’s interest since it uses much of the same vibrant colors as the book on which it is based.

Quick Math Jr.

Math is often a hard subject to get kids engaged in, but Quick Math Jr. is one of the few educational games that can make math fun! It has 12 different games that teach fundamental math skills as the kids play. All of their answers are drawn on the screen to practice their handwriting along the way.

Stack the States 2

Stack the States 2 is one of the learning apps on this list that’s geared towards middle school-aged kids. This game helps kids learn about geography and general knowledge about the 50 states. They will be able to unlock additional games as they fully complete different aspects of the game.

Duolingo – Language Lessons

Duolingo is an app and website that’s best geared for children ages six and older, as it teaches languages like French, German, and Italian. Speaking a second language is a valuable skill, and downloading this app will get your child ahead of the game when it comes time for them to learn a language in school. The app focuses on bite-sized lessons and rewards you with badges when you achieve certain accomplishments. It’s sure to keep your kid engaged and steadily learning along the way.

Starfall ABCs

The Starfall ABCs app will help your child learn letters, vowels, and words. In addition, kids can even learn the sign language alphabet. The app is colorful and well-animated to keep the attention of young kids and it will help develop their speaking skills and broaden their vocabulary as they play.

HOMER Learn & Grow

HOMER is an early learning app for kids designed to help them build confidence in their skills. It not only teaches skills like reading and math, but also encourages them to explore their creativity and critical thinking. The app is extra kid-friendly because it features no in-app purchases or ads to distract them from learning. Your child will start by taking a quick quiz that helps gauge their learning level and caters the content to their specific needs. The lessons are playful and engaging, and you can set up four separate profiles so that multiple kids can enjoy the app while keeping their progress separate.

PBS Kids – Play & Learn Science App

Chances are you’re already familiar with the PBS channel and their popular children’s shows. The app is filled with games based on shows that center around a specific learning theme. The PBS Kids Games app is a wonderful way to introduce your kids to learning games because it features characters they already know and love.

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids will only show content that’s appropriate for children ages 2-12. Because of this, it’s much better to use than the traditional YouTube app where kids might stumble upon inappropriate content. With the safety of YouTube Kids they’re free to explore a range of fun videos, songs, and more that will keep them entertained and teach them along the way.

Spelling Stage

Spelling Stage is a highly recommended app for children over four. Kids learn how to spell through interactive games and challenges. There are even competitions that they can compete in against family and friends! This app will foster a love for spelling, an essential skill, from an early age.

OSMO learning games for kids

OSMO learning games are a great way to help kids learn in a fun and engaging way. These interactive games use a combination of real-world objects, apps, and special accessories to create an immersive experience that encourages problem solving, creativity, and collaboration. OSMO games have been designed to be educational yet still enjoyable, so children can play without feeling like they’re being taught. The games also help children develop essential skills such as sequencing, pattern recognition, and visual processing. With a variety of different game options available for ages 3-11+, there’s something for everyone! Whether it’s playing with shapes and colors or practicing math facts – OSMO learning games will keep your little ones engaged while teaching them valuable skills along the way.

Learning to Code with OSMO
23 Best Educational Learning Apps for Kids (2023)  8

MathTango: Grades K-5 Learning

Ages 5-10 years old

MathTango is a comprehensive learning program for students in grades K-5. It offers an interactive and fun way to learn math concepts and skills. The program focuses on problem solving, critical thinking, and other higher-level math skills that are essential for success in school and beyond. MathTango is designed for ages 5-10 years old, so it’s perfect for both younger and older children who need help with math. With over 1,000 unique activities, MathTango is sure to keep kids engaged while they practice their math skills. It also helps them develop confidence in their abilities as they progress through the activities. MathTango helps students build a strong foundation in mathematics that will benefit them throughout their education and life.

TABI Learning, Kids STEM Games

Ages 5 to 13 years old

TABI Learning is a modern, interactive and safe platform that offers educational and entertaining STEM games for children aged 5 to 13. It is designed to help develop the skills needed to excel in Math, Science and Technology. Through the use of engaging puzzles, simulations and other activities, TABI promotes problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity. With its wide range of topics, such as robotics, coding, engineering and more, it provides an invaluable learning experience for children of all ages. The games are easy to understand yet challenging enough to keep kids engaged as they learn new concepts. This allows them to grow their understanding of STEM while having fun at the same time!

Quizlet Digital Flashcards

Quizlet requires a user under the age of 13 (or sometimes older, if required by local law) to sign up for a Quizlet account using their parent’s email address. 

Quizlet Digital Flashcards is an online flashcard program that allows users to create, study and share their own digital flashcards. It is a great tool for students, teachers, and professionals alike, as it provides an effective way to build knowledge and test one’s understanding of concepts. With Quizlet Digital Flashcards, users can create their own flashcards with text or images to help them learn whatever subject they are interested in. It also allows users to collaborate with friends and classmates by creating shared sets of cards. Furthermore, Quizlet Digital Flashcards can be used on any device – from PCs to smartphones – so you can always access your content wherever you are. Overall, Quizlet Digital Flashcards is a powerful learning tool that will help users understand and remember important information quickly and effectively.

best kids learning apps
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Download the Best Kids Learning Apps Today

Help your child foster a love for learning new things by downloading these apps. You’ll be introducing them to fun games and activities that will teach them useful skills like reading, math, and geography all while captivating them with colorful graphics and the ease of accessing it all in one place.

What are your favorite educational kids’ apps? Share them with us in our Local Anchor Facebook group.

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