The Best Family Photo Ideas
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Capturing Precious Memories: The Best Family Photo Ideas

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Capturing Precious Memories: The Best Family Photo Ideas 1

Your family means the world to you. They’re the people you see every day and spend the most time with. Before you know it, the children will be adults on their way to college or starting their own lives in a new city. 

Your home will feel empty and quiet as they transition into their own homes. There’s no better time than now to schedule a family photo shoot in Los Angeles. It doesn’t matter if your children are still young and living under your roof or if they’re all grown up with their own children. 

There are many great family photo ideas in Los Angeles to start considering today. A family photo shoot is a great way to bring the entire family together and spend the day filled with laughter and love. In the guide below, there are several ideas for family photo poses and locations for the photo shoot.

Continue reading to find out more and start planning your day!

White on the Beach

The beach is always a beautiful location for photos. The white sands, the breathtaking ocean in the background, the ocean breeze in your hair, and all the gorgeous trees make for a wonderful photo shoot location. When planning the photo shoot, have everyone wear all white or white with khaki. 

The light colors will force the focus of the photo to be on all your beautiful faces. Planning photos at the beach for the family are also ideal because a good treat for the children for behaving so well during the photos is to run free and play on the beach afterward. 

Matching T-Shirts

Another great way to bring the entire family together for photos is by wearing matching t-shirts. You and the rest of your family should sit down and consider some options. Do you want to wear shirts with the family’s name on them?

Do you want everyone to have the same t-shirt but with their own first names on them? Think about what you want to be displayed on the t-shirt and be sure to choose a simple design so the main focus is still on your faces. 

Costumes and Dress Up

Who says photo shoots have to be serious? Why not have lots of fun with the family while taking some amazing pictures? Gather the family around to discuss a favorite costume or dress-up clothing item they’d want to wear. 

Is there a favorite show or movie that the entire family loves to watch together? Consider choosing a character from that show or movie. Find matching costumes for anything you can think of that you’d enjoy wearing and then be silly together. 

Lying Down on the Ground

To switch it up from the typical poses, you can lie on the ground. Lying down on the ground in the grass creates a unique photo that’s not your typical standing family photo. Find a position that you feel comfortable in, so you don’t look uncomfortable in the photos. 

Then, have the children lie down on top of the adult’s backs and create a small group huddle or pyramid. 

Walking and Holding Hands

Do you have a favorite park you enjoy visiting in Los Angeles? There are many wonderful parks to choose from. Select a nature trail or natural park and take a few photos of the family walking while holding hands. 

Be sure to act natural and simply enjoy the day with one another. The photographer can snap a few photos of the family exploring the park hand-in-hand. 

Candid Shots

Candid shots are a great choice for families with small children. You might be able to get a few photos of everyone looking directly at the camera, but your chances of getting several of these photos could be low. For this reason, embrace the idea of candid photos.

A good photographer should be able to help the young ones feel safe and comfortable. They might even get a laugh or two out of them, but don’t focus too much on having them look at the camera. A photo of the children laughing and you looking down at them smiling is just as precious as a photo of everyone looking straight ahead. 

Playing a Fun Game

Do you and your family love to play board games and other fun games? Why not take a few photos of a family game night? You can move the game night outdoors to avoid photos of the living room, but the location choice is up to you. 

Anywhere you decide to play games with your family is a great choice! Be sure to relax and get into the game. Have fun with it and try to forget someone’s taking your picture. 

These photos are sure to come out amazing!

Incorporate Fun Props 

One of the best things about taking family photos is getting to incorporate a few different props. Props are lots of fun to use and can transform the entire photo shoot! The props you use can be anything you want.

For example, you can have the children sit inside a wagon in the park. You can bring the family pets into the pictures as well and have a few toys to throw. You can bring along a few beanbags or chairs and use those as props as well. 

Use These Family Photo Ideas For Awesome Family Photos in Los Angeles

When looking for family photo ideas in Los Angeles, look no further than this very guide. Use all of the helpful information listed above to create your own list of ideas and locations for family photos. Thankfully, Los Angeles is filled with many beautiful parks, beaches, and other aesthetically pleasing places. 

For more helpful information similar to this guide, don’t forget to continue visiting here on a daily basis. 

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