Glamping Southern California: 10 Tips for Planning the Perfect Getaway
glamping southern California

Glamping Southern California: 10 Tips for Planning the Perfect Getaway

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glamping southern California
Glamping Southern California: 10 Tips for Planning the Perfect Getaway 2

Southern California has emerged as one of the best places in the US for a getaway. There is so much to see such as exquisite desert landscapes, spectacular pacific beaches, world-famous theme parks, and unique city architecture.

Glamping is quickly becoming one of the best ways to enjoy Southern California’s rugged beauty. Each of your family members will find something fun and memorable to see or do. Check out these tips for the perfect trip for some glamping southern California style.

What Is Glamping? 

The word glamping is a combination of “glamour” and “camping”. It refers to a comfortable way to vacation in nature. Many of us like the idea of an outdoorsy holiday but don’t want mind not consider a lot of factors that come with it as relaxing.

The last thing we want to do on vacation is sleep in a cold tent, on the hard ground. Especially if all we had for dinner was canned food heated on a one-pot stove. Glamping allows you to enjoy a few nights in nature without sacrificing the comforts of home.

The level of luxury you choose depends on your taste for finer things and your budget. For instance, you may have a luxury camping experience with catered 3-course meals. You might also include a comfortable warm bed to sleep in. 

You may be wondering where to go glamping in Southern California. There are many fun activities and places that the avid glamper will enjoy. Keep reading for 9 great “glamping Southern California’ tips to plan the perfect getaway. 

1. Pick the Right Location

The first key to an enjoyable glamping Southern California style getaway is to choose the right location to set up camp. From Joshua Tree National Park to Disneyland Park, Southern California has many great tourist attractions.

Choose an area that offers a variety of activities that you and your family will enjoy. Some of the most popular glamping locations include El Capitan Canyon, Keough’s Hot Springs, Lake Cachuma, and Hicksville. 

2. Hire Help

Another tip for planning the perfect Southern California glamping tour is to book an all-inclusive trip. This is an expensive approach to glamping but well worth it for the peace of mind it brings.

Let a professional plan all aspects of your trip from your accommodation to your daily activities. You can find several companies online that offer all-inclusive glamping trips around Southern California. 

3. Make It Feel Like Home

If you opt for DIY glamping, be sure to make your accommodations as homely as possible. The best way to bring home comforts to a camping experience is to ensure that everyone sleeps as well as they do at home. Sleeping in your own bedding will make a distant place feel like home.

Pack comfortable bedding for you and your loved ones. Check with your intended location if they have proper beds in their accommodation. If so, you will only need to pack sheets, pillowcases, and comforters. You can also carry your favorite books, slippers, night lights, and even rugs if space allows. 

4. Plan a Karaoke Night

One of the best glamping tips is to have at least one karaoke session with your loved ones. Switch up the camping tradition of singing funny music around a campfire with a modern Karaoke night. You can stream all the popular Karaoke songs complete with background music and vocals on YouTube.

Download a karaoke app on your smartphone or tablet and sing popular hits at your glamping getaway. If you have young children, you can also sing along to the popular Disney songs for children. 

5. Bring Along Your Family Traditions 

Don’t neglect your family traditions just because you have taken a glamping getaway. Carry them with you so that your family can have fond memories of your glamping adventure. If your vacation falls over Christmas, for example, you can have the children write letters to Santa and post them from the local post office. 

6. Plan a Beach Day

Southern California is famous for having beach weather all year round so you must include a visit to the beach while there. Give your family at least one day to enjoy some of the best beaches in San Diego or Los Angeles.

Most beaches have well-maintained public restrooms and showers so you will feel comfortable spending the day there. You’ll also find lifeguards manning most public beaches to keep the waters safe for swimming.

7. Take Great Photos

Keep a great record of your glamping Southern California trip by taking great photos of your crew. Most smartphones and almost any DSLR camera should do the trick for capturing high-quality vacay photos.

Search online for some great family photo ideas that you and your family can enjoy recreating. You can also write a daily family journal for each day of your getaway. This will help all your family members to be consciously thankful for each day of your vacation. 

8. Give Everyone Some Alone Time

Vacations are a great way for families to bond and spend time together. But everyone needs some breathing space and time alone to recharge and reflect. Build-in some alone time during your getaway so that each person gets some relaxation time.

You can create a kid’s reading nook in your accommodation space. This will allow your children to read a book or take a nap for some downtime. Adults can also set up a hammock at the campsite for a well-needed snooze. 

9. Pack Tasty Treats

One of the best ways to convert camping into glamping is the availability of tasty food. Make sure that your party enjoys the getaway by packing a generous amount of tasty food and snacks. For DIY glampers you can pack a cooler or two or assorted meat cuts, cheese, vegetables, etc.

You can also pack chips, cookies, sweets, chocolates, and fruit for convenient snacking. Another great alternative would be to order meals from the camping premises or sample local restaurants for some southern Californian dishes. 

Plan Your Next Glamping Southern California Style Trip

Glamping is ideal if you want a comfortable way for you and your loved ones to enjoy Southern California attractions. The easiest getaway you can plan would be to book an all-inclusive glamping trip from a travel agent or specialist glamping tour agent.

If you opt for DIY glamping, try to bring as many home comforts as you can. This can make the experience more enjoyable. For more tips on touring Southern California, check out our site for help. 

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