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Disneyland Reopening Date and Other Important Information

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The excitement is everywhere for the Disneyland reopening date 2021! You can feel the buzz all through California and it’s radiating across the country. Disneyland reopening is huge news and we can hardly contain ourselves! But we’ll have to try. Getting tickets to the reopened California park is going to be challenging. Not to mention, the tickets will only be available to California residents, at least in this initial wave. Although Disney announced reopening last year, too. The governor caused them to retract their announcement. It appears that Disney and the state of California are finally in sync. COVID cases are down and vaccines are pushing back numbers even more. After a series of temporary partial openings due to some creativity on behalf of Disney, the official announcement from the company has Disneyland reopening on April 30.

UPDATE: Disneyland® Resort Theme Park tickets On Sale April 15

Get ready for magic because Disneyland® Resort Theme Park tickets will be available for sale starting April 15, 2021. Use the steps below to start planning your visit. Don’t forget you’ll need both a ticket and Theme Park reservation valid for the same Park on the same date to enter a Theme Park.

To make your Park reservation, you’ll need to:
1. Visit Disneyland.com or the Disneyland® app to set up your Disney account. A Disney account is required to complete your ticket purchase.
2. Beginning April 15, purchase and link your tickets.
3. Make your Theme Park reservations, subject to availability.
4. Get ready to visit the Disneyland® Resort!

Information is constantly changing, for more information be sure check the Disneyland Resort official website.

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Disneyland Reopening Date and Other Important Information

When Will Tickets to the Disneyland Reopening Go On Sale?

Now that we know Disneyland is back everybody wants a front-row seat for the momentous occasion. The only problem is that recent history shows Disney-ticketed events of this caliber are painstakingly difficult to get. Part of the challenge is that nobody knows exactly when Disneyland tickets will go on sale.

We can expect some sort of announcement to come in April about when Disneyland tickets will become available, but most likely they will not disclose the exact time. All we really know is that the tickets will go on sale sometime before Disneyland reopening on 4/30. But even that announced date remains tentative until things become official. So Stay current on My Disney Experience and refer to the Disneyland website often for up-to-date information.

How to Get Tickets for the Disneyland Reopening

Assuming that Disney moves forward with the plan to reopen on April 30, There are some drawbacks we must consider before trying to buy tickets. First, the parks will likely allow only 15%-25% of their respective capacities. They will also only be allowing California residents at this time. So availability is limited and most people in the country aren’t qualified to buy tickets even when they do go on sale.

However, if you worry that Annual pass holders might have some kind of edge after Disney made changes to the membership status, you shouldn’t. It appears based on recent Disneyland events that everyone has the same chance. Once the date is announced, be prepared to pounce at any hour. refresh your screen regularly and make sure your My Disney Experience account info is up to date and synched with others in your group.

One last thing to consider is that ticket prices for the Disneyland reopening are still unannounced. They are most likely going to be very expensive, so hang on to your wallet along with your hat and glasses.

What Will Be Available When Disneyland Reopens

Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa will open the night prior to the two theme parks. Park hopper tickets won’t be available. So be aware of the park you select tickets for and make sure it has the attractions and dining you want.

Disney hasn’t announced exactly which attractions will be available, but anything promoting large gatherings of crowds is out. Likewise, character experiences will be distanced from the crown. Marked spaces on the floor indicate where guests can stand to view performances. Fastpass and Maxpass have been suspended as well. Although there are literally no guarantees, this is an exciting time for California residents and it will be an incredible can’t miss experience for those lucky enough to snag their tickets and reservations.

Check out the official announcement from Disneyland reopening on April 30.

Information is constantly changing, for more information be sure check the Disneyland Resort official website.

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