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Simple DIY Arts and Crafts Projects for Kids

Simple DIY Arts and Crafts Projects for Kids

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Origami Spinning Top :
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Are you looking for some fun hand-ons arts and crafts projects for your kids to do? We curated a list of 8 DIY arts and crafts projects that your kid can make and use later on. Some of these DIY projects are homemade versions of toys kids will love playing with and others can be used to decorate a child’s room.

Simple DIY Arts and Crafts Projects for Kids

Origami Spinning Top

Making paper models is always fun. But you know what is even more fun, playing with them! Here’s an easy DIY on how to make origami spinning top.

How To Make All Natural Homemade Gluten-free Playdoh

Has your child been wanting to play with playdoh and you haven’t gotten the chance to buy some? Why not make your own with this homemade gluten-free playdoh recipe with ingredients you have in your own kitchen.

DIY Picture Frames: Paper Picture Frames

If your little one wants to display their art or some of their favorite memories, here’s a simple  DIY picture frame recipe that uses paper and takes little time to make.

Kids Squeeze Ball

This simple kids squeeze ball recipe can be made with ingredients within your home if your child has been wanting a squishy toy lately and you have balloons left over from a water balloon session this summer.

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DIY String Art Kids Craft Idea

Here’s a string art project older kids who love DIY can do with little supervision or if you have younger kids, it can be a project for the whole family to take part of. They can pick any design they want and is a great DIY to display in their room!

Simple DIY Friendship Bracelets 

If you have spare yarn around, here’s a simple DIY friendship bracelet to make. It involves a simple French knitting style that creates a woven band and you can customize the colors of the string to make an adorable rainbow friendship bracelet to keep your little one entertained.

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint With Ingredients You Already Have at Home! So Easy!

Since it’s still summer, if your kids have been wanting to do chalk art on the sidewalk this summer, here’s a DIY sidewalk chalk paint with ingredients found in your kitchen!

Hello Creative Family - Easy DIY Chalk Paint With Ingredients You Already Have at Home
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DIY Paper Wallets for Kids to Make

If you want a simple crafting recipe that is useful, here’s a recipe on how to make DIY Paper Wallets in 30 minutes.

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Simple DIY Arts and Crafts Projects for Kids

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