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Giving Back: Pet Pawrtners of SoCal

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Did you know that animal shelters are in need of a lot of supplies to care for our furry friends? That’s what helped inspire Pet Pawrtners of SoCal to get started.

The animals at animal shelters often have special needs, such as medication or surgery. They also need food and water bowls, toys, blankets and beds. By donating just one thing from this list of items needed by an animal shelter, you can make a big difference!

Giving Back: Pet Pawrtners of SoCal

Tell us a little about you:

We moved to Hermosa Beach in 2011 (by way of Texas … by way of New York/New Jersey.) We moved a lot, due to my husband’s job. It was exhausting, moving so often with very young children — and multiple pets. When we got here, I told my husband, “No more moving!!” Luckily, we love it here — and our kids don’t remember living anywhere else!

Giving Back: Pet Pawrtners of SoCal

Please tell us about your project, Pet Pawrtners of SoCal: 

We collect new or gently used pet supplies, and deliver them where they’re needed most: animal shelters, pet rescues, and organizations that help pet owners experiencing homelessness or hardship.

Who are you supporting with this project?

Of course we are supporting pets — but we are also supporting people, too! By sorting through donations and matching our deliveries to the organizations’ wish lists, we save shelter staff the time and effort of weeding through well-meaning donations that they may not particularly need. Plus, we help the people who donate the items, by offering free pick-up and assuring them their items will go to good use. This can be particularly comforting for people whose pets have passed away.

We also help pet-owners who are homeless or experiencing financial hardship, by bringing donations to the many great local organizations that help them. It’s a common and unfortunate assumption that the “poor” are too “irresponsible” to have pets. We all need a little help sometimes. Keeping pets with their families benefits everyone – including the overburdened animal shelter system, which is often subsidized by taxpayers.

Giving Back: Pet Pawrtners of SoCal

What inspired you to launch Pet Pawrtners of SoCal?

I have a professional background in animal sheltering and veterinary medicine. My daughter Julie (age 12) wanted to do something to help shelter animals. In the middle of COVID shutdowns, with most shelters closed to volunteers, we had to be creative – and so Pet Pawrtners of SoCal was born! I love encouraging my children to give back. This past year, we have all been through so many emotional ups and downs. When my kids are feeling sad, I try to get them to do something nice for someone else. It really helps!

How can the community support your efforts?

Donate pet supplies! We will pick them up and donate them where they’re needed most!

  • Pet Food — all brands, all kinds (dog/puppy, cat/kitten, canned and dry.) Open bags okay if not expired or moldy.
  • Blankets and towels
  • Pet beds – all sizes
  • Newspaper
  • Kitty Litter
  • Dog & Cat Toys (gently used ok)
  • Carriers etc.

Pet Pawrtners of SoCal Contact

Facebook: Pet Pawrtners of SoCal
Instagram: @pet_pawrtners_socal

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