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Monterey Bay Aquarium Virtual Field Trip

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Today’s virtual field trip is taking us to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Located on the ocean’s edge, the aquarium is a window into marine life — for dive masters and non-swimmers alike. It’s home to sea otters, penguins, sharks, jellies, and thousands of other marine animals and plants. Whether you homeschool full time or temporarily, we know you’ll enjoy the Monterey Bay Aquarium! We’ve also got aquarium coloring pages and an educational mobile game from the Monterey Bay Aquarium!


Sevengill sharks, leopard sharks, spiny dogfish and the elusive Pacific angel shark all dwell in the Monterey Bay Habitats exhibit. This exhibit’s 90-foot-long hourglass shape gives the big sharks plenty of room to glide and turn. Keep your eye out for big skates, bat rays, giant sea bass and rockfish.

Sea Nettles (Jelly Fish)

Sea nettles look gentle but don’t let these invertebrates fool you—those gently trailing are covered in stinging cells! Used to hunt tiny drifting prey, the stinging cells paralyze it and stick tight. The prey is moved to the mouth-arms and then to the mouth, where it’s digested.

African Penguins

Watch these energetic and inquisitive African penguins and you might even see them communicating with each other. When penguins flap their wings or bow their heads, they’re telling each other how they feel. Throwing their heads back and wings out means “I’m happy.” Leaning forward and opening their beaks means “Go away.”

Moon Jellies

Aurelia labiata move with the current as they pulse their delicate, translucent bells!

Sea Otters

These rescued sea otters are practicing their diving and foraging skills before returning home!


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