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How to Keep Your Holiday Packages Safe

How to Keep Holiday Packages Safe

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Holiday Packages safe
How to Keep Holiday Packages Safe 2

How to Keep Your Holiday Packages Safe

It’s the holiday season and as you order your presents and packages, you may be wondering how to keep  your holiday packages safe this year! Undoubtedly you’ll be receiving parcels at your doorstep as people are shopping online more than ever and you’ll want to protect your precious packages from what’s being called “porch pirates.”

Take these measures below for package theft prevention and solutions, so no package-stealing-grinches can get in the way of your merriment! 

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Steps to Take When Ordering to Keep Your Holiday Packages Safe

  1. Sign up for delivery alerts so you know when your package is expected and when it’s been delivered.
  2. Require a signature. 
  3. Add delivery instructions to indicate secure spots for packages.
  4. Check the “Gift” box so that your package comes in a plain, unmarked box.
  5. Insure expensive and irreplaceable packages.

Ways to Safeguard Your Home to Prevent Theft and Keep Your Holiday Packages Safe

  1. Use Security Cameras and Smart Home Automation – ACS Security cameras prevent your home from being an easy target. You can also use the cameras to verify when a package has been delivered with real-time notifications sent directly to your phone!
  2. Install Motion Sensors & Light Timers using Automation tools.
  3. Use ample outdoor lighting.
  4. Keep the area around your front porch clear and visible so thieves can’t hide.

Extra Prevention Measures If Needed

  1. Ask a neighbor to hold a package for you!
  2. Consider shipping packages to your local store.
  3. Deliver packages to your work.
  4. Reroute or Reschedule Delivery or you can also Request a Vacation Package Hold if you’re going on vacation.
  5. Get involved with your local neighborhood watch and communicate with your neighbors.

What To do If A Package is Stolen 

  1. Verify delivery – Check with the post master to ensure that the package was delivered to your address.
  2. Notify the Police – Inform your local police of the theft. Provide video or other evidence if you have it.
  3. Contact the retailer – Some companies offer coverage for stolen packages.
  4. Contact the shipping company – Some carriers offer coverage for stolen packages.
  5. Check your credit card benefits – Your credit card benefits may provide purchase protection.

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* 2-year service agreement required.

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