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Simple Birthday Ideas during Coronavirus

Kids Birthdays During Social Distancing and Coronavirus

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Birthday Ideas to Make the Best of Coronavirus and Social Distancing for Kids Birthdays!

Coronavirus is upon us, and many of us aren’t leaving the house or hosting. This can be challenging for kids on birthdays. Perhaps parties were postponed, cancelled or never even got the chance to get planned…and that can really be a bummer! Alas, we have some birthday ideas for you to make birthdays at home feel just a little more fun, a little more party-ish and most of them use things you already have at home! Check out these fun birthday ideas you can easily recreate at home!

How to Celebrate Kids Birthdays During Social Distancing and Coronavirus:

  1. Choose a Fun Activity That Doesn’t Require a Crowd

    We’ve got a great scavenger hunt idea!

  2. Choose Party Themes from Items You Already Have

    Choosing a line of toys you have in your collection makes creating a fun party food table and centerpiece easy!

  3. Get Creative with Basic Food

    Cut food into shapes or assemble on a skewer with fruit to breath new fun into simple foods.

  4. Skype and Facetime with Friends

    Friends won’t be at the party, but they can still bring some digital birthday cheer!

  5. Let Kids Help Bake the Cake

    Kids like helping in the kitchen! Get mixing and baking as part of the birthday fun.

  6. Organize a Drive By Birthday Party

    Everyone is bored and looking for things to do…ask friends and neighbors to cruise by and should happy birthday!

Birthday Scavenger Hunts

Since there won’t be a crowd, most of the classics like Pinatas and Pin the Tail won’t work as well during this time. Scavenger hunts for kids are a fun and unique way to celebrate a birthday at home. It doesn’t require a lot of participants or supplies, and planning couldn’t be easier with this free downloadable from Play. Party. Plan. The free printable birthday scavenger hunt includes all the clues and tips for setting up the scavenger hunt.

Use Toy Collections You Already Have to Create Party Decor

DIY Rainbow My Little Pony Party Ideas
Kids Birthdays During Social Distancing and Coronavirus 9

We’re loving this Rainbow My Little Pony cake table. It’s got a big planned party feel but it’s an easy DIY! Instead of buying balloons, streamers and branded decor, Jaclyn from One Thousand Oaks made a rainbow flower wall out of paper she already had in her craft supplies and utilized her existing inventory of My Little Ponies…add some rainbow sprinkles and a homemade cake and voila! This could be recreated for Hot Wheels, Shopkins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, PJ Masks, Paw Patrol, Frozen or Cars!

Make Fun Food From Basics

Little people are another great toy you have plenty of and can be used to create a DIY themed party, without supplies. Compliment toy decor by making simple food like pizza or PBJ’s into fun shapes or skewers. Mix in fruit to add some depth. It’s a perfectly easy DIY to step up the food category. A great “tip” from Mom In The Six is that using lollipop sticks instead of skewers for kids’ food means there’s no pointy tip! We LOVE that! You can check her blog for more Little People ideas too!

Set Up Skypes with Friends & Family

birthday ideas for kids coronavirus social distancing
Kids Birthdays During Social Distancing and Coronavirus 10

Planning some birthday skype (or facetime, Zoom or whatever other medium you prefer) time with friends and family is a great way to bring added fun, well wishes from those who can’t attend a party and a little extra attention to the birthday child! It’s easy. It’s free (mostly). And it can be organized pretty last minute.

If your child isn’t the phone talker type…you can also ask a few friends to shoot a quick happy birthday video and text them to you…your child can watch the videos instead.

Let Kids Help Make the Cake

In a Pinteresting world, we get hyper focused on making things look perfect, the presentation and the element of surprise. We get all that. But you know what kids like better than an amazing cake table? They like helping to bake the cake! And lick the bowl. When we’re not hosting a big party, we have extra time to allow kids to help out in the mixing and making. Give it a try.

Ask Some Friends to do “Drive By”

Good friends with any of your kids’ friends moms? Ask them to make a fun birthday sign and hold it outside the car and drive by – they can stop and sing happy birthday or have a quick chat from 6′ away and wish happy birthday cheers! If you can organize a few you can recreate this drive by party!

Have more ideas for celebrating birthdays for kids amongst social distancing and coronavirus? We would love to hear them! Drop them in the comments or contact us!

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The ultimate guide to celebrating kids' birthdays during Coronavirus! Lots of fun, easy ideas you can do at home! DIY.

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