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Local Spotlight: South Bay LA Rocks

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South Bay LA Rocks
Local Spotlight: South Bay LA Rocks 2

There’s been some buzz lately around the South Bay about people finding hidden painted rocks around town, guaranteed to put a smile on your face! This is thanks to local residents that are participating in a grass roots program called South Bay LA Rocks.  We interviewed Char Christian who runs the South Bay LA Rocks to learn more!

Local Spotlight: South Bay LA Rocks

Tell us about your cause?

South Bay LA Rocks is a Facebook group to promote art, community, and the act of giving. Paint, hide, and find rocks throughout the South Bay.

What inspired you to launch LA Rocks?

South Bay has a lot of amazing people in its community and I really wanted a way to bring people together in a fun way. Art is an amazing thing to give to someone. Surely, randomly finding a gift of art is sure to put a smile on someone’s face in the South Bay, and that’s the very goal of this group is to spread happiness, one rock at a time.

What is one of your proudest moments?

Tristan Blake Coopersmith of Life Lab in Hermosa Beach, was really generous to open up her business to strangers to host a group rock painting session. Other members have also opened up their homes to those with kids who wanted to paint together. That really make my heart so proud that this group is fostering community.

What can one expect when getting involved with LA Rocks?

It’s really easy to get started. Grab some rocks from a local craft store, home improvement store, or your yard, paint some rocks, seal them, and then hide them in random places around town.

How can the community support LA Rocks? 

The best way to support this group and bring the community together is to share the group with local friends and family, host rock painting parities, and spread the love of art and giving.

We have not partnered up with a non-profit at the time of this writing, but we plan to in the future.

Tell us a little about you:

I am a South Bay native, born and raised. I’ve lived most of my life in Torrance and Hermosa Beach. I’m a graphic designer by trade but really enjoy painting on the side. This group ROCKS at giving me an outlet and a way to share my art. I’ve got two daughters that I homeschool which keeps me on my toes between design projects. I am a nature lover and go car camping and/or backpacking several times per month during most of the year.

What do you enjoy doing in the South Bay when you are not painting rocks?

I enjoy long hikes in Palos Verdes, especially the trails near Del Cerro. I adore hanging out with my kids with the new South Park playground, and catching movies with my girlfriends during Mom’s Nights Out.

Thanks so much Char for sharing your story with the Local Anchor!  If you’d like to get involved, you can join Char’s Facebook group by clicking here.

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