25+ Easy Kids Activities You Can Do At Home
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25+ Easy Kids Activities You Can Do At Home

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Whether a cold has you stuck indoors or the weather, there are plenty of fun and simple indoor activities to entertain your kids  We’ve curated a list of DIY kids activities and simple games to help keep your older and younger kids entertained.

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25+ Easy Kids Activities You Can Do At Home 2

25+ Fun and Easy Kids Activities for When You’re Stuck Indoors

  • DIY Play Doh – Here’s an easy and fun way to make homemade play dough with the kiddos!
  • Dance Party- This is one of our favorite kids activities, put on the music, and let the kids dance! Check out our list of the best family songs or you can find awesome playlists for kids on many music subscription platforms like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, etc.
  • Crayon Sensory Bin – Let your kids create with things you already have in your house.
  • Amazon Box House – Don’t throw away a cardboard box! Have fun with the whole family making this house/dollhouse or just let the kids come up with their
  • Baking Soda Science Experiment – This is a fun science activity for little hands. It takes only a few household materials and the fun can last for hours. Use a tray for easy cleanup!
  • Living Room Campout  – Set up a pillow fort or even a small tent and have an indoor campout.
  • Creative Writing –  Sneak in some learning with this fun creative writing activity that uses a free printable and a fidget spinner. Each story will be different every time you spin!
  • Friendship Flowers – Kids can make these friendship flowers for their friends and drop them off in mailboxes. It’s perfect when kids can’t see each other for a while.
  • Easy animal crafts for kids – Learn how to make these fun and easy animal crafts for kids! They’re simple and cover farm animals, jungle animals. forest animals and more!
  • Science Experiments for Kids – Simple science experiments make excellent kids activities that are both fun and eduicational.
  • Outdoor Scavenger Hunt – Engage nature in your own backyard with this outdoor scavenger hunt.
  • Handwriting Activity For Preschoolers – Free printables are always a great way to keep kids busy with an educational screen-free activity
  • Coloring Games – Learning is achieved easily when kids are having fun. We’ve listed different exciting color games that your children will truly love.
  • Dinosaur Matching Game – This free printable dinosaur matching game is great for kids of all ages! Young children can match the cards face up and older children can use the cards to play memory.
  • Bird Watching – Give your kids some bid books, a pair of binoculars (or make a set from tp rolls) and invite them to do some bird watching and drawing.
  • The Rain Cloud in a Jar – A science experiment is a great way to teach kids about the weather.
  • Tie-dyed flowers – These pretty tie-dyed flowers use simple household materials and are so much fun for kids to make!
  • Rainbow Toast – A great activity that will make breakfast so much more fun! Use easy household ingredients to make breakfast a delight!
  • KIDS CAN COOK: HOT FUDGE SUNDAE CAKE – Let them eat (make) cake! This kid friendly recipe comes with 3 printable activities to go along with a recipe using mostly pantry and basic ingredients!
  • Galaxy Slime – Not only does it look amazing but it’s so much fun to twist and turn all the colors as you learn how to make galaxy slime.
  • A “I’m bored’ jar – This is a great activity that keeps the kids busy, while aimed at keeping them busy in the future as well! A great idea to make together.
  • Homemade spray chalk is a great way to keep kids busy in your driveway while using their imaginations to be creative. This super easy recipe uses items you already have on hand!
  • Make more slime – Every kid loves a fun slime recipe and this one is a perfect easy to make choice! A simple sensory slime recipe is one that provides hours of fun!
  • Create your own toddler busy book – Create a busy learning binder for children ages 2 to 4 that can also serve as a little sensory book utilizing the tiny hook and loop dots we’ll be using to attach the adhesive pieces to the book.
  • Board Game – Board games and are always a great go to when you’re trying to keep both older kids and younger ones entertained. Pull out a stack of board games and card games and have a tournament.
  • Play Hide and Seek – Nothing beats a classic game of hide and seek. When the novelty of finding each other wears off, change things up a bit and turn it into a treasure hunt by hiding toys or other items around the house to find.
  • Art Invitation – Not every craft project has to be planned. Instead set up a table of craft supplies, like construction paper, pom poms, popsicle sticks, or whatever you have around that can be used, like egg cartons and empty water bottles. The invite the kids to use a little imagination come up with a fun idea of what to create with the items.
  • Time Capsule – Put together a mini time capsule. Have the kids fill out a short questionnaire, like these free printables, roll them up inside toilet paper rolls and seal the ends by glueing on construction paper. Pick a date to open them and write it on the outside.
  • Paper Airplanes – This is an easy kids activity that can be fun for kids of any age. All you need is some paper. Have the kids design and build their planes and then have fun racing them to see which can go the farthest.
  • Sing Karaoke – Cue up your kids favorite songs and have fun singing along.

Looking for more ideas for kids activities at home? We’ve also created a list of must-haves you can order from Amazon, you can view here and Online Learning Tools & Resources for Kids. 

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