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South Bay Giving Back: Emma Glass

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During such a difficult time, Local Anchor would like to recognize specific individuals or organizations that are coming together and giving back to the community. For this week’s South Bay Giving Back, we are shining a light on Emma Glass. Even though she moved to South Bay last fall, Emma is already giving back to the nurses at Little Company of Mary Hospital.

South Bay Giving Back: Emma Glass

Tell us a little about yourself? 

“Community has always been a strong value of mine so when we moved to the South Bay last fall, I already did my research and started a mommy-and-me class 2 days after we arrived. Early on, I knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom, but I didn’t realize is how isolating it can be and I wanted to do more.

One day, I randomly saw a post in a local Facebook group about a natural, nontoxic lash enhancer. I bought it, fell in love with the hair products, and have been sharing non-toxic products that actually work since. Through this, my stay-at-home mom life now consists of helping others gain confidence and ease of getting ready and empower my team to do the same.”

Giving Back: Emma Glass

Please tell us about your project. Describe what you are doing to support our community?

“With collective efforts from friends and family, we are able to give the all L&D (labor and delivery) nurses at Little Company of Mary Hospital 57 bottles of dry shampoo plus 2-for items for the male nurses.”

Who are you supporting with this project?

“The L&D nurses at Little Company of Mary Hospital. The goal is to lighten and brighten their day when so much around them is stressful. We recognize them and appreciate them.”

Giving Back: Emma Glass

What inspired you to do this project?

“When I was in labor, I was a nightmare to the nurse. But more importantly, now, times are tough and there are a lot of emotions up in the air. This is a way to make them feel appreciated and loved for all the hard work they put in each and every single day.”

If you would like to help Emma with her cause, feel free to connect with her on Instagram at @emmaneilglass.

Local Anchor is currently looking for individuals and businesses giving back to the community of South Bay and we need your help! Nominate an individual or local business that you would like to see featured on our website for giving back to the community! If you would like to nominate someone, please reach out at

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