6 of the Best Baby Shower Gifts for New Parents
The Best Gifts To Give at a Baby Shower for the Nursery

6 of the Best Baby Shower Gifts for New Parents

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The Best Gifts To Give at a Baby Shower for the Nursery
6 of the Best Baby Shower Gifts for New Parents 3

Every new parent needs essential items in the first year of parenthood, but it’s challenging to build a baby registry when you haven’t actually experienced life with a baby yet. Baby gear and supplies are endless, but if you really want to give the best baby shower gifts stick with the things new parents simply can’t live without.

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6 of the Best Baby Shower Gifts for New Parents 4

Essentials for the Best Baby Shower Gifts

Babies have a lot of needs and plenty of baby gear exists to meet those needs. While you can take it or leave on some items, like diaper warmers and baby shoes, there are some essentials that make the best baby shower gifts no matter what.

Changing Pad Cover

When trouble strikes late at night, new parents will be relieved they have plenty of extra changing pad covers. Middle of the night diaper changes are challenging enough, but when a mess happens you want to have a back-up cover on hand for a quick clean up.

Swaddling Blankets

When all else fails and you simply can’t get your baby to sleep, nothing soothes quite like a swaddle. A good variety from basic blankets to ones with velcro that make the job easy will make any new parent’s day.

Basic Onesies

Yes there are all kinds of adorable baby outfits, but at the end of day simplicity rules when it comes to dressing and changing a squirmy baby. New parents can never have too many basic, all-purpose onesies in a variety of sizes.


There’s no such thing as too many diapers when a new baby arrives, and you can’t go wrong by buying parents enough diapers, wipes, and other essentials to hold them over for the baby’s first few months.

New babies come with countless diaper changes. Help keep their nursery stocked with diapers in progressively larger sizes. Babies grow fast, so bypass the newborns and get some in various bigger sizes.

Diaper Bag

Of course, we can’t leave this one out. A sturdy and functional diaper bag is the best thing you can have as a parent. Your friend will keep their whole life in this bag, and it makes organizing snacks, bottles, diaper supplies, and more a snap.

Baby Bath Kit

Even if some bath items are on the registry, it doesn’t hurt to get a few more, especially entertaining bath toys. The cutest way to make a baby bath kit is to start with a basket and add washcloths and towels, baby lotion, and plenty of enticing bath toys because as any experienced parent can tell you, distraction is key in getting your little to enjoy a bath.

Don’t forget about mom, check out this guide to Best Baby Shower Gifts for Mom.

Is there anything we missed on our list? Share your baby essentials for the best baby shower gifts in our Local Anchor Facebook group.

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