The Most Meaningful Trending 2022 Baby Names
2022 baby names

The Most Meaningful Trending 2022 Baby Names

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2022 baby names
The Most Meaningful Trending 2022 Baby Names 3

What’s in a name? A lot! If you’re a parent, a lot of careful consideration probably went into picking the perfect name for your baby. You want it to be special and meaningful. If you’re expecting this year and still can’t decide on the perfect moniker, here are some of the most meaningful top trending 2022 baby names.

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The Most Meaningful Trending 2022 Baby Names 4

The Top Trends in 2022 Baby Names

Every year Nameberry predicts the trends for the most popular baby names, and this year is no exception when it comes to some very unique choices. Pop culture often inspires popular baby names. This year’s name trends include Brigerton-inspired names as well as Euro-chic names, but if you’re looking for a name with more meaning, there are some other trending choices.

Baby Names Inspired By Nature

Among the top trends for 2022 baby names are nature-inspired baby names. Names like Sequoia, Horizon, Lotus, and Ocean are examples of nature names parents are selecting that evoke thoughts of the environment and our connection with the natural world.

Check out our list of nature-inspired baby names for more ideas.

Spiritual Baby Names

Spiritual and soulful baby names are another trend for 2022. Parents may be turning to religion to inspire their baby name choices in these tumultuous times. Christian-inspired names like Righteous and Savior are some examples, but it’s not just Christianity pushing this baby name trend. Hebrew names, like Aziel, meaning “God is my strength,” are also on the rise.

Unisex Baby Names

Non-binary boys’ names are also topping the baby name charts. In fact, a significant amount of the most popular 2022 baby names are unisex names, signaling a big shift in the role that gender plays in selecting a name. Unisex names have been trending upward for a couple of years, with popular baby names like Avery, Riley, Charlie, and Ryan topping the lists.

Are you expecting a baby in 2022? What meaningful baby names are topping your list? Share your favorite baby names with us in our Local Anchor Facebook group.

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