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3 Simple Tips to Restart your Wellness Routine

3 Simple Tips to Restart your Wellness Routine

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Wellness Routine
3 Simple Tips to Restart your Wellness Routine 4

Let’s be honest. Summer is so fun, but it’s pretty nice to get back into a Fall wellness routine. Not only is it good for our kids, but it’s great for us, too! There might be a little extra time for us to prioritize our own physical and mental health.

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We all know that routine is essential to being consistent when it comes to wellness. So, ask yourself – What do I need to do to make sure I’m giving myself the time to be healthy and happy, rather than just keeping my kids healthy and happy? As parents, it’s easy to help our kids get their routine back and not establish one of our own. 

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So, here’s 3 Simple Tips to Restart your Wellness Routine this Fall!

1. Make some goals

There’s only 4 months left of 2022?! It’s never too late to make some goals for the year or revisit the ones you made in January. Whether it’s adding more greens to your meals, fitting in 3 workouts a week, or meditating 10 minutes per day, this is your chance to make it happen. 

2. Schedule your wellness

Our number one rule! Just like you schedule your kids’ activities or doctor appointments, you should schedule your workouts and wellness each week. We recommend planning on Sunday evening, and while you’re at it, making that grocery shopping list with nourishing food for the week, too! 

3. Get some help

Sometimes we need some help! It’s hard to admit, but occasionally we’re attached to our not-so-good habits and need help establishing some new ones. That’s where we come in! 

We’ve created a Fall Into Fitness 20 Day Reset where you’ll not only learn how to fit in short and effective workouts and rev your metabolism, but meet other Moms who are in the same boat as you… making an effort to establish a healthier YOU!  There’s also a VIP Fall into Fitness- 20 Day Reset.

Fall Into Fitness 20 Day Reset

September 12th- Oct 1st

Welcome Night- Thursday Sept 8th 5-6pm* (In Person or Zoom) *Recording available if you can’t make the time

Presented by Shine Society Fitness & The Rev Method

Ready for a Fall reset?! Join Alicia Murphy of the Rev Method and Hillary and Yaya of Shine Society Fitness for 20 days of fitness, wellness, and feel-good routine building!

What’s Included:

  • 4 Weeks of On Demand workouts with Shine Society Fitness
  • A meal plan and grocery list
  • Weekly workshops with focus on revving your metabolism 
  • Accountability support
  • A welcome event with all the info you need about the reset
  • PRIZES and Giveaways!

*VIP Member- All of the above plus:

  • 1:1 Consultation with Alicia Murphy
  • 2 weeks in-studio classes with Shine Society Fitness (or more)
  • *These are also offered a la carte. Inquire by emailing [email protected]


  • Early Bird price before 9/5- $199
  • Early Bird VIP price before 9/5- $319 (use code FALLFITNESS at checkout!)
  • Price after 9/6- $249
  • VIP price after 9/6- $369

As Moms and Fitness trainers ourselves, we have learned how much wellness improves our lives and makes us even better parents to our kids. When we met Alicia Murphy of the Rev Method and saw how knowledgeable she was about the science behind revving your metabolism, we knew we had to create a program with her. Our reset starts September 12th and we would love to help you crush your goals and create new, healthy habits! 

Now, go take on the rest of 2022… and we hope to see you take on this challenge with us! 

Shine On, 

Yaya and Hillary 
Shine Society Fitness

3 Simple Tips to Restart your Wellness Routine
3 Simple Tips to Restart your Wellness Routine 6

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