Top 5 Date Ideas for a Unique Valentine's Day
Valentine's day date ideas

Top 5 Date Ideas for a Unique Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's day date ideas
Top 5 Date Ideas for a Unique Valentine's Day 3

This Valentine’s Day, venture beyond the usual restaurant routine with your partner and opt for something different. Taking time with your significant other is never easy when you’re in the trenches of parenthood, but the whole family benefits when you take the time to care for your relationship. Here are a few unique ways to share some special bonding time on Valentine’s Day this year.

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Top 5 Date Ideas for a Unique Valentine's Day 4

Unique Valentine’s Day Date Alternatives

Eating out is always fun, but it’s not the only way to spend a romantic evening reconnecting with your partner. Check out these date night ideas for something new to shake things up.

1. Take a Cooking Class

What better way to add some spice than putting your heads (and hands!) together to create an irresistible meal. You might not have time for a jet-setting getaway. Still, you can transport yourselves to exotic locales by creating and feasting on Moroccan, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, or Thai dishes. Plus, you might get ideas for new meals to rotate into your family’s meal options, leaving everyone feeling happier. Sign up for a group class or enlist a private chef for an at-home tutorial.

2. Enjoy a Spa Day

Deepen your connection with your loved one with a relaxing day of pampering. Get into a calm and tranquil state of mind with a couples’ massage, a dip into a hot tub, or an exfoliating scrub. Choose from high-end spas with all the perks such as fresh fruit, pleasant scents, and chamomile tea, or opt for a no-frills lounge that still gets the relaxation job done. A resort or hotel spa is also an excellent choice. After your treatments, you can sip some beverages poolside in your new relaxed state.

3. Go for a Hike

In the modern world, sometimes a breathtaking view can help remind us to step away from our phones and focus on our flesh-and-blood connections. Hit a hiking trail with your partner where the only distractions are ocean or mountain views and focus on being present. AllTrails is an excellent resource to discover hikes, read about the length of each walk, and how strenuous or easy each hike is. Pack a picnic to enjoy after the hike and reward yourselves for tackling a physical challenge side by side.

4. Netflix & Chill

Instead of heading out, pack the kids off to the grandparents or babysitter and enjoy a peaceful evening at home. Order in from your favorite restaurant or new place you’ve wanted to try and check out what’s new on Netflix.

5. Get Trapped in an Escape Room

Put your teamwork skills to the test and visit an escape room where you can work together to try and break free. Depending on your personalities, some escape rooms are more fun and silly, while there are also more challenging ones that may be right for you.

No matter what you choose to do, the most important part is that you’re doing it together. Whether it’s as simple as a night on the couch or as exciting as a picnic on a cliffside trail, make sure you stay in the moment. Put those phones away, avoid the kid and work discussions, and simply focus on each other.

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