World of Illusions in Los Angeles: A Fun Experience for Families | Local Anchor
World Of Illusions In Los Angeles: A Fun Experience For Families

World of Illusions in Los Angeles: A Fun Experience for Families

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World of Illusions in Los Angeles, the heart of hollywood on hollywood boulevard is the perfect destination and fun for the whole family with 4 unique experiences. This tourist attraction has 4 separate exhibits: Giant’s House, Museum of Illusions, Upside Down House, and Smash It will transport you to a world of fantasy and imagination. The family-friendly environment is perfect for all ages to have a good time. Bring your friends and family to enjoy an unforgettable experience and amazing photos today!

The Museum of Illusions has new exhibitions with a remarkable new level as a result of the new illusions, which now offer an even more immersive, precise, and fascinating experience. More than 30 3D illusions and different murals at the Museum of Illusions create unusual photographs and stunning images that are based on cartoons, artwork, current events, movies, and more. Perfect for your social media feed!

Visitors may anticipate attractions like an African Safari and up-close encounters with the trunk of a giant elephant. Or walking on the edge of a skyscraper in a daring escape attempt and of course, rubbing shoulders with some of the most renowned actors and directors when attending a Hollywood movie premiere.

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Note to our readers, we try to keep things as up to date as possible, but things change all the time. Please contact the venue directly before visiting.

World of Illusions in Los Angeles: A Fun Experience for Families

World Of Illusions In Los Angeles: A Fun Experience For Families
World of Illusions in Los Angeles: A Fun Experience for Families 3

Giant’s House

The first of the unique rooms you’ll walk into is the Giant’s House. It will stretch your imagination to new heights with its mirror maze and optical tricks. This work of art may even make you feel like giants are chasing after you. Additionally, there is a space where youngsters may experiment with color mixing, which I find to be endlessly entertaining because I am constantly thinking of new games to play.

Museum of Illusions

You will be astounded and amazed by the enjoyable, interactive illusions in The Museum of Illusions. You’ll get the chance to view objects from various angles and get a taste of what it’s like to walk on the ceiling or in space. You will gain a completely different viewpoint in this genuinely immersive setting that you have never known before!

Smash It

The exhibit is the ideal setting for letting your most destructive tendencies run wild. You can shatter anything while listening to surround sound smashing effects, including dishes, flowers, chairs, and stained glass windows! You’ll want to tour the enormous mirror with a companion as well since once you enter this chamber of mayhem, it’s hard not to chuckle.

Upside Down House Exhibit

You’ll be welcomed by an odd stairway where a moose is upside down at the upside-down house. This home is filled with many other optical tricks that will have you doubting everything you see! In this chamber, there is also an interactive mirror maze that visitors may navigate while walking on what looks to be the ceiling of the upside down house but actually feels like the ground.

You can purchase tickets for the entire experience, or select individual experiences for the day of your visit. There are a variety of tickets for purchase including a group discount!

World of Illusions
6751 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028
(800) 593-2902

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