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10 Summer Must-Haves for Outdoor Activities

10 Summer Must-Haves for Outdoor Activities

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10 Summer Must-Haves for Outdoor Activities

Summer means more family time doing fun outdoor activities. Here are a few products that you’ll want to have on hand for an awesome summer experience. Whether you’re at the pool, beach, traveling, or just in your backyard, these are must-have products to keep the whole family safe and healthy.

10 Summer Must-Haves for Outdoor Activities

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Mabel’s Labels

Mabel’s Labels will help you keep track of all your kids items. From school items to clothing, from baby items like sippy cups and bottles, to electronic devices, sports and camping equipment, too. The multipurpose adhesive name tags are washable and waterproof and microwave safe. And…they’re not just for kids. Use them on your items, too! Keep Your Child Safe with NEW Silicone ID Bracelets, perfect for whenever you are out and about.

MDSolar Sciences Sunscreen

Keep your entire family covered and protected this summer with this mineral-based sunscreen that won’t clog pores. It also provides antioxidant protection and includes green tea, cranberry fruit, pomegranate extracts and vitamin C. You get maximum SPF protection in this water-resistant sunscreen.  MDSolarSciences Mineral Kidstick Spf 40 is gentle, unscented and water-resistant sunscreen stick is perfect for children’s delicate skin and provides powerful broad spectrum protection in a grab-and-go stick.

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UPPAbaby MINU Stroller

If you’re looking for a light-weight stroller for the summer, check out this one from UPPAbaby. Complete with a canopy to keep baby shaded, it has a comfy and mesh sling seat for breathability. It’s super easy to lift with just one hand due to its light-weight aluminum frame. Folds up quickly with hand triggers; no foot action necessary.  One hand and one smooth motion is all it takes to fold the MINU! You can even hold baby in your other arm while folding the stroller.

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JuJuBe Bags

When you’re looking for a stylish, yet functional bag, consider JuJuBe. Whether you’re looking for diaper bags, backpacks, travel bags or even Dad bags, JuJuBe has you covered. These bags were designed with form as well as function in mind. For example, the diaper bags feature agion-lined interiors that work to keep bacteria, mildew, and mold at bay. Step up your summer tote collection with one or more of these designer bags!

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Que Collapsible Water Bottle

This water bottle is better for you and the planet. It’s made of 100% food-grade silicone, which means it’s 100% plastic-free, making it safe as well as taste and odor-free! It’s light and compact and is perfect for summer travel. Comes in a wide assortment of colors. Get one for every family member!

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Eco-Safe Stainless Steel Popsicle Molds and Rack

Make some refreshing and healthy popsicle treats for your family this summer using this eco-safe stainless steel mold. Comes with reusable bamboo sticks. Make homemade frozen yogurt popsicles, fruit sorbet pops, sugar free ices, and more. Let the kids help make them and pour into the molds!

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Reusable Burlap Jute Bags

These multitasking jute tote bags are reusable, recyclable an eco-friendly. This set include 6 bags which are perfect to use as shopping bags but work great to hold items for any arts and crafts or DIY projects as well as to take to the pool or beach this summer.

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Eco-Friendly Non-Toxic Inflatable Sprinkler Ball

Let your kids have fun this summer with this large beach ball sprinkler that’s made from non-toxic material. This ball takes just minutes to inflate and fill with water. Kids will have a blast staying cool with this fun backyard beach ball sprinkler.

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Organic Cotton Hooded Towels

Kids will love these soft terry organic cotton towels with a hood. Perfect for bath, beach or pool, these colorful towels are perfect for toddlers. Unique design helps them learn to dry independently.

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Instant Beach Tent

Here’s a great portable sun protection item for your family when you’re at the beach or even in the backyard. Lightweight, portable and easy to set up, this tent has eco-friendly SPF 50+ UV protection built right in. It’s breathable and has built-in mesh windows for even more air flow. Folds easily for storage and portability.

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10 Summer Must-Haves for Outdoor Activities

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