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4 Tips to Get Ready to Deliver Your Baby

4 Tips to Get Ready to Deliver Your Baby

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4 Tips to Get Ready to Deliver Your Baby

There are many decisions you make to help prepare you to deliver your baby.  Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance has 4 tips to help get you ready. Fight, flight or freeze are very common reactions in labor for many.  As the big day approaches often families focus on getting the babies room together, the crib, the changing table, a rocking chair, what do I pack for bringing my baby home and these are all great necessities at some point.  However, there are a few steps to take prior to this that is beneficial to all families.

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Where will I birth this incredible baby?  Who will be present when I birth my baby and what will that day look like?  Most importantly how can I create a safe birthing environment? A safe birthing environment goes far beyond having a care team who is capable of handling any emergencies should they arise.  It’s about setting a familiar environment that will allow you to feel safe and for labor to progress without interruptions.

Imagine developing a birth plan that outlines the perfect vision for birth, having a team of Nurses and Care Providers who respect your vision and support your choices and who are familiar to you!  Furthermore, when you arrive at your birth facility and you are well prepared for what to expect on your birth day!

Here’s how you can help to overcome the FIGHT, FLIGHT or FREEZE response when you are planning your baby’s delivery:

  1. Attend the Hospital Tea & Tour – by attending a Maternity Tour, you will help familiarize yourself with the hospital staff, become educated on the facility, what doors to enter through, you will be taken on a physical tour of the floor and it begins to paint a picture and you can begin to envision yourself in this setting.  You will also be given an amazing amount of resources. When you come back for delivery, you’ll see some of the same faces again and be more comfortable in your surroundings.  Click here for more info on Maternity Tours.
  2. Reach out to the OCC – Providence Little Company of Mary in Torrance wants you and your family to navigate labor with ease.  Submit your birth plan online and in advance, this gives us an insight into what you prefer birth to look like, provided all goes well. The OCC will provide guidance, insight and support to you before, during and after your baby arrives and is an invaluable resource to the entire family.
  3. Attend the Connecting when Expecting event on March 21st 5:30 – 7:30 pm – meet all of the staff that you will encounter during your time with us, decide if this is the environment you want to birth in.  Seeing familiar faces, you may feel more at peace knowing they aren’t complete strangers, their guidance will help ease the way. You may find that you are in an environment that promotes a sense of safety.  Click here for details.
  4. Attend the classes offered – by attending these classes you become better prepared on what to expect from your body and your baby during labor and after you bring baby home, these classes also allow you to connect with other families.  Again, seeing familiar faces, being able to ask questions allows you to come in during labor and know that you are going to be supported throughout. Click here for classes.  

After your baby arrives, Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance  offers a FREE Breastfeeding Support group. You are sent home with so much continued support especially when it comes to breastfeeding and you know that you can always come back!  Our group will do weight checks and making sure that breastfeeding is going well for both you and baby. You are gaining confidence and as a result you and your baby are thriving.

Establishing this vision, implementing a supportive environment will help you to navigate the unknowns of laboring, birthing and bring your baby home so much more than entering this new chapter blindly.

Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance is known for clinical excellence, advanced technology and a distinct focus on the personal nature of caring for our South Bay communities. We provide excellent medical, surgical and critical care services as well as specialty programs and services including cancer and heart care, obstetrics, rehabilitation and a full range of educational classes.

For questions, please contact Rena Koerner

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