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Healthy easy morning routine ideas to be more productive, positive and energetic

5 Morning Routine Ideas & Healthy Habits

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Simple Tips to Cultivate Gratitude and Positivity All Day

Starting the day on a positive note goes a long way in achieving health, wellness and productivity. When we steer away from negativity we better stay on point our daily tasks and may even make them more enjoyable. Beginning the day with a morning routine that sets the day off right goes a long way in helping us stay stress-free and improve energy throughout the day. It’s easy to get started fostering healthy habits with these simple morning routine ideas that can help to change the entire day!

Time needed: 30 minutes.

5 Morning Routine Ideas & Healthy Habits to Cultivate Gratitude and Positivity All Day

  1. Mindset Shift

    Re-frame how you think about waking up in the morning.

  2. Practice Gratitude

    Express gratitude every day. Try journaling.

  3. Set Intentions For Day

    Take a moment to plan what you need to accomplish each day.

  4. Accountability

    Gather friends who would benefit and help each other stay committed.

  5. Healthy Breakfast

    Make sure to start the day with a healthy meal.

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5 Morning Routine Ideas & Healthy Habits 5

Mindset Shift

If you’re not a morning person the process of waking up can start your day with negativity. Change that. One way to deal with this is to re-frame how you think about mornings. Why are you getting up? What are the things that you enjoy doing during the day? You need to wake and getting moving in order to accomplish those things that you do enjoy. Make it a habit to stop and think about those things first thing when you wake up.


If you aren’t doing it already, begin making it a habit to express gratitude at the start of your day. Think of all the things you are truly grateful for and jot them down in a journal. Skim it while you take your morning coffee or tea.

Some ideas of what you might journal:

  • What physical aspects of your life are your grateful for?
  • What relationships are you grateful for?
  • What emotional aspects are you grateful for?
  • Who’s health are you grateful for?

By re-focusing your thoughts to gratitude you change your perspective and tone to positivity at the start of the day.

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Set Your Intentions Daily

Spend a moment in the morning planning your day by setting intentions on what you will accomplish. Setting a plan in place first thing will help you keep on track, and put a positive spin your task list. Knowing exactly what needs to be done improves productivity and when we’re feeling productive we are more motivated and energetic. Setting intentions takes only a few minutes but this important routine helps you throughout the entire day.

It Takes A Village

Accountability can really help get routines put into place. Solo missions take more motivation and self-discipline than group missions…so round up a friend or two who and help each other in the early stages of implementing these changes and help each other to establish positive morning routines! Share tips and tricks and reap the benefits together.

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Fuel Your Body

Start with a nutritious breakfast. It doesn’t have to be a big production, but make it a priority to feed yourself. If your mornings are busy, do some meal planning in advance so that you have nutritious and easy options available to grab and eat or grab and heat.

Not only does your brain need food in order to operate at its peak, so does your physical body. It is infinitely harder (impossible?) to sustain a positive day all day without providing your body with the food it requires function properly.

Keeping these tasks in mind and acting on them daily not only helps you start your day on a positive note, but it helps you to sustain it throughout the day which improves productivity. Ultimately this helps to meet the challenges of your day with more ease, calamity and mindfulness.  And if your a Mom, then we know you have your hands full! But we also know you can do it!

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What other morning routines do you have that help you get a great start to your day? Please share them in the comments below, we’re all ears for more ideas!

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